Fun and Adventure in Benidorm: Adrenalin-pumping activities for Visitors

Fun and Adventure in Benidorm: Adrenalin-pumping activities for Visitors


While perception is one thing, the gap between this and fact can often be cavernous.

Take the Spanish resort Benidorm for example, which has popularised in popular culture as a cheap and cheerful location that has massive appeal among British travellers. While it certainly benefits from a large influx of British visitors, however, Benidorm is in fact an historic location with a rich heritage and a depth of culture that defies modern interpretations.

Benidorm is also continuing to evolve as a destination, offering new and exciting activities to suit its growing diversity of visitors. More specifically, Benidorm has now emerged as a key destination among adrenalin-seeking adventurers with a desire to experience extreme sports and activities away from home. From lavish theme parks and extreme rides to quad bike excursions outside of the centre of Benidorm, the perception of this location is gradually being challenged and altered.

So before you plan your summer sojourn for a holiday in Benidorm it is important to gain an insight into the adrenalin-pumping and extreme activities that are available to visitors. And we know the exact places to start:

The Benibarcos RIB Ride Experience in Benidorm

Classed as an extreme water adventure, Benidorm’s famed Benibarcos RIB Ride opened during the spring of 2013. For those who are a little in the dark about what it actually is, an RIB ride is essentially a speed boat adventure that takes in one of Benidorm’s famous stretches of waterway, as passengers place their faith in the hands of an experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable driver.

This adrenaline boat ride is unique in the European market, as it combines high-speed and volatile movements with music and special effects to create an immersive experience for people of all ages. Referred to by many as a ‘new generation’ of RIB rides, the boat speeds along the glistening waters around Benidorm at around 100 kilometres per hour, while the integration of up-tempo music adds considerably to the experience.

As a high octane ride, anyone under the age of 18 who wants to experience this must be accompanied by an adult. Other than that, it is accessible to anyone with the courage to live life to the fullest.

Take a Quad Biking Excursion in Costa Blanca

Outside of the centre of Benidorm are a number of breeding grounds for adrenalin-soaked adventures, each of which is short walk or bus journey away from the main strip. This makes for the perfect day-trip from the sun-soaked coastlines of Benidorm, as you experience alternative terrain and see an altogether different part of the region.

One particular experience, ran by Adventure Costa Blanca, starts at Consolat del Mar, close to the port Nad Marina. From here, you will explore the beautiful surroundings of Denia, before traversing the nearby and equally picturesque towns of Poblets and Ondara. While those with a passion for scenic locations can take it a little slower if they choose, there are high performance quads up to 450cc available for travellers who wish to enjoy a faster and more thrilling journey.

Just remember to pick a bike that suits your level of experience, while also insuring that you are in possession of a valid license before heading out onto the open roads of Costa Blanca.

Enjoy Jet Ski Rides in Denia


Denia is a wonderful destination for anyone in the quest for adventure and discovery. Just a stone’s throw from the centre of Benidorm, its pristine white beach is perfect for relaxing, whilst the water which laps onto it provides the ideal opportunity for anyone with a passion for water sports. Offering access to the beautiful Levantine coastline, you take in one of the most glorious locations in Spain at high speeds while navigating challenging waves. There are also different trips available to suit variable tastes, depending on exactly how much of the coast you wish to explore.

The departure point is Les Marines beach, which is approximately 1.5 kilometres from Les Bassetes in the centre of Els Poblets. Visitors can either book a 30 minute excursion that takes in the Marinas or Les Rotes, take an hour to visit the bay of Javea or traverse the entire stretch of coast up to the end of The Vessel. Just remember that there are a number of hidden gems located along this stretch of coastline, so we wholly recommend booking a full two hour excursion.

You should also look to book a morning trip, as this is when the sea is at its calmest and ideal for high-speed, dare-devil travelling.



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