From Departure To Arrival: Our Tips On Travel Style

How do celebrities manage to step off a flight looking a million dollars? How can certain fashionistas look put together in even the hottest climates? If your travel wardrobe is more throw it in the suitcase and hope for the best, then you may be interested in our travel style tips. From the airport lounge, to arriving at your hotel, we look at the outfits that are most likely to bag you an upgrade and the no-nos of beachside dressing.

On the Plane

Comfort is your main priority on a flight, particularly if you’re travelling long-haul. Therefore, you’ll want to avoid anything that’s too tight, too warm or too cold. It’s best to layer your outfit as you can never predict if the cabin will be too warm, or the air-conditioning will be up too high. We recommend a light jumper or cardigan for your top half, followed by a shirt or t-shirt underneath. They may not be the most stylish of items, but you may want to also consider wearing compression stockings on your bottom half followed by loose fitting trousers. If you fancy your chances of an upgrade, business casual is your best bet, for men that’s Chinos, brogues and a shirt, whilst women should consider long skirts, long dresses or fitted trousers.

Finally, the best way to look a million dollars when you leave that flight? Avoid alcohol, as flights are incredibly dehydrating. Much easier said than done, especially when you’re already in holiday mode. You could also apply moisturiser liberally throughout the flight and use eye-drops regularly while on-board.


At the Beach

The best look for the beach is a casual-one. We’d definitely recommend avoiding high-heels which can look a bit too try-hard. Yes, we know they elongate the legs, but they’re also pretty impossible to walk on in the sand. Instead opt for wedges, which are just as flattering on the silhouette. A sundress is great, as you can easily wear it over your swimsuit or bikini, making it easy to transition from beach to bar. Avoid wearing jewellery that you wouldn’t want to get wet or can’t remove easily. Instead some simple string bracelets can easily give your outfit that boho appearance. Finally, take any cultural considerations into account. A thong bikini, would be a big no-no for a beach in Dubai, but if you’re so inclined it wouldn’t look out of place in Ibiza.

Men will look well put-together in board shorts and a t-shirt. Unless you wish to offend everyone from Italy’s fashion police to the proprietor of an Ayia Napa beach bar, slip on that t-shirt as soon as you leave the sand. Bare chests are a no almost everywhere.

Dining Out

Formal wear is harder to get right in the heat, but that may be because we’re so used to dressing up for our less than moderate climate. Instead look to California and think floaty maxi dresses. Not only are they pretty, but they’re also extremely practical. The long skirts can protect your legs from nibbling mosquitos, who also like to dine out during the evening hours! Whilst in more modest areas, they can also be paired with a chic shawl when sightseeing. If in doubt you could also choose to wear a little black dress out to that restaurant. There’s a reason that they’re so timeless.

For men, Chinos and a shirt will never usually look out of place in a fine dining restaurant. Always avoid wearing shorts and flip-flops, which most places will deem too casual.



Depending on where you’re travelling, sightseeing can often entail lots of walking. Therefore, it’s best to dress for comfort, first and foremost, and that means getting your shoes right. On a city break, ballet flats can look chic, especially when paired with skinny jeans and a Breton, or simple slogan t-shirt. However swap those flats for hiking shoes or trainers if you think you’ll be doing a lot of walking, or if you’re walking anywhere too dusty!

Black jeans or trousers are our packing essential for both men and women, as they can be dressed up with a smart top for a more formal occasion later on. In warmer climates, skinny jeans are of course too stifling, so when viewing sites like Egypt’s Pyramids or Greece’s Acropolis we recommend dressing for the weather in ether shorts or linen trousers.


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