Fly, Fly, Away: How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Fly, Fly, Away: How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Even for the most avid flyer sitting in a tin can for hours on end is hardly the most enjoyable experience. After all, there are only so many episodes of Only Fools and Horses you can watch on the small screen embedded into the chair in front.
You’re sat in the same seat for what seems like a lifetime, and depending on who you’re sat next to you could be enjoying the love of an arm-rest hogger, or worse still, a snorer.

But don’t worry, long haul doesn’t have to be a bad experience, there are methods to make your trip that little more enjoyable, and plenty more bearable.

Choose Your Pre-Flight Food Carefully
Firstly, it’s probably not a good idea to jump on a long haul flight straight after a curry or you may suffer your own fair share of turbulence, but actually what you eat can also effect flights for the better too.

Carb-rich foods such as spaghetti, oatmeal, and whole grain bread are said to help cope with jet lag. The higher levels of insulin make it much easier to cope with the change in sleep and eating patterns, meaning you’ll spend less time suffering and more time enjoying the beaches.

Pack A Few Snacks
Of course you’re not going to want to ruin that bikini figure for your Cancun holiday but there’s nothing worse than being hungry on a plane, especially when you’re stuck there with nowhere to go for hours.

There’s no nipping to the shop thousands of feet up into the air so it’s important to pack a few snacks with you rather than paying over the odds from the on-board trolley. Eating foods rich in protein such as almonds, cheese, and protein bars will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and certainly stop your stomach from rumbling on the long journey.

Stay Hydrated
Air travel is considered to be particularly dehydrating so it makes sense that you should drink more whilst flying. It’s important to continue drinking right through a flight, so don’t wait until you’re in need of a drink to sup a glass.

Many people enjoy an alcoholic beverage but drinking too much will likely lead to jet lag once you land. Alcohol causes multiple issues which will enhance jet lag including dehydration and grogginess. Additionally, we all know what happens when you drink too much, and nobody wants to be using a sick bag travelling at 500 mph through the air.

Consider An Eye Mask
Naturally, eye masks are not exactly the coolest of looks, and when it comes to travelling in style you certainly won’t be. But blocking out light is key to avoiding jet lag. This is all to do with our circadian rhythms which align with the earth’s natural light and dark cycle.

This means that reducing the light – by wearing an eye mask – will help combat jet lag, and calculating it at the right time can almost mean you won’t suffer at all.

Know What To Wear

We’ve already mentioned travelling in style but whilst we aren’t telling you to ditch style for jogging bottoms, it might be wise to consider what you’re wearing for long flights.

Looser, more comfortable clothing will most definitely make your flight more pleasurable and keep you from fidgeting throughout what will be a very long seven-hour flight. For women that might mean leggings and a sweater and men perhaps a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or sweater.

Additionally, whilst you may be heading to the sunny climes of Mexico, bringing a scarf for the ride may not be a bad idea. Not just a fashion accessory – and it’s likely you won’t use it as one either – the scarf can double up as a lumbar support on those uncomfortable plane seats, and as a pillow or small blanket to keep yourself warm.

On your feet, compression socks – or flight socks to you and me – will help avoid swollen feet, ankles, and leg pain, all the things you could suffer with from being seated in the same position for too long.

Bag Yourself A Seat By The Window
There’s something beautiful about the window seat. Not only does it allow you to look out and enjoy the world passing by, but it gives you a solid base to rest your head on for forty winks. The comfort of being able to lean is invaluable on a plane, meaning you can avoid accidentally resting your head on the passenger next to you.

What’s more you will only have to get up when YOU need to visit the toilet and you can avoid being continually disturbed by the flight attendants and their trolley.



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