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We asked our customers whether they liked to try out local foods when holidaying abroad, and the answer was a resounding yes, with only 8.2% of you sticking to English grub. Food is a major part of holidays- travel to any foreign country and there’s no end of local delicacies- from frogs legs to paella, you’re bound to find something you’ve never tried before. Going abroad and trying different foods can be a little daunting- we’ve all heard about strange ingredients from across the world such as horse, snake and cat, and maybe you’ve even tasted bird’s nest soup in China or puffin heart in Iceland.

However, if you’re like me and the thought of eating cockroaches or fried tarantulas makes you want to run to the nearest chippie, don’t despair! You can still get your little bit of unusual eating couture by checking out some of these fabulous foody hotels…

At The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, you can experience the ultimate gourmet chocolate experience. Not for those dieting, guests staying in the chocolate themed bedrooms can enjoy chocolate Martinis, attend chocolate making workshops and dip strawberries and marshmallows into chocolate fountains. This decadent hotel is situated in a stunning Grade II listed building and is perfect for chocolate lovers, romantic weekends away or for those searching something a little chic and out of the ordinary.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel


Hidden away in the Alps is Hotel Arbez, La Cure, which takes full advantage of it’s location on the Franco-Swiss border and provides its residents with a unique dining experience- one half of the restaurants being in France and the other being in Switzerland! According to the hotel’s website, at one point diners could be in one of two time zones depending on which door they used to enter the restaurant, and a frantic changing of clock hands ensued as staff attempted to decide between French and Swiss time. On the French side of the restaurant you can enjoy a typical French Brasserie and bar, or you can pop over to the Swiss side and enjoy some local gourmet food. The hotel has rooms that let you cross the border too; some of them will even let you sleep with your head in France and your feet in Switzerland. One special room called The Hideaway has a history dating back to the second world war, with a staircase that starts in France but ends in Switzerland- this was great for La Résistance, as British and American soldiers could be hidden at the top where the Germans were not allowed to go.

For you snack addicts, the ultimate place to go is the aptly named Food Hotel in Germany, where 36 of Germany’s biggest brands have teamed up with the hotel team to create unique rooms that cater to a food lover’s every need. Hotel manager Peter Gruenhaeuser told reporters that they had found a sponsor from the industry for each room; “We gave them basic guidelines for the rooms but within those we allowed them complete freedom and the opportunity to let their creative imaginations run wild.” With furniture shaped like biscuits or beer cans, this supermarket hotel is a dream come true for food lovers!

When it comes to writing a blog article about theme hotels, it’d be pretty impossible to go without mentioning Las Vegas, where 19 of the world’s 25 largest hotels by room count are located. For a classy culinary experience, I’ve chosen one of the city’s most famous hotels, the Bellagio. This 5* hotel is famous for its fantastic fountain display and AAA five diamond rated restaurants where 3 of the country’s master sommeliers will advise you on some of the world’s best wine, but did you know you can also go for high tea in the Petrossian bar? This sophistic piano bar opens every afternoon for diners to experience the quintessential English meal of tea, sandwiches and scones with clotted cream, but do make sure you make a reservation well in advance!

Okay, I guess that this option mostly caters for the 8.2% of you that like to stick to the same food that you eat at home, but let’s be truthful- high tea at the Bellagio isn’t something you’d turn down if you had the chance!



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