Extra costs on budget airlines are making travellers sneaky

Have you ever tied a French sausage around your middle, worn a curtain as a pashmina or put on all your clothes to save you some money? These are just some of the things that alpharooms.com customers admitted to doing to avoid extra charges from budget airlines.

alpharooms.com asked their Facebook fans what they do to get around the extra charges imposed by budget airlines, and their answers ranged from clever to very sneaky.

Most of the 450 people who answered were not opposed to wearing all their clothes so they don’t have to pay to check-in their bag. Others have bought special jackets with extra-large pockets, others make their children have their own cases or stuff their children’s cases with their own clothes, and some even send their luggage ahead with a courier.

Most people have taken to packing picnics or buying food in the airport, to avoid any extra costs for food and drink on the plane.旅行

Some go that one step further. One lady wrapped her beloved Saucisson (French sausage) around her stomach when it wouldn’t fit in her hand luggage, when returning from France. It looked quite suspicious and she got a telling off from the French police.

It is not just luggage charges that people try and dodge. We had rugby players admitting to buying one extra legroom ticket and sending their biggest member on the plane first so no one will want to sit next to them, therefore securing another two, extra legroom, seats for free.

Priority boarding is another sticky issue. People admitted to walking with a stick, making their children throw a tantrum and others openly flirt with the airport staff to jump to the front.

In a recent survey of 20,000 people, it would appear that the summer holiday is an essential for the British and Irish customer with 60% having already booked their holiday for 2013 and 95% of those who had not already booked saying they would.

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