Dubai Shopping: The Must Visits

Dubai is THE destination for shoppers; you can buy everything from designer products and gold to Middle Eastern spices such as Za’atar. Choosing your shopping destination can be a task in itself so we’ve rounded up the must visit places whether you’re looking to splurge or stick to a budget on your luxury Dubai break.
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The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall and the phrase ‘has something for everyone’ certainly applies. It hosts Dubai’s Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, an Olympic-sized ice rink and over a 1,000 retailers including the likes of Zara and Bloomingdales.

If you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in the shopping experience, there’s no less than 6 hotels featured on the malls’ website including the Manzil Downtown Dubai which is decorated in exquisite Arabic style.

Al Fahidi Street

Dubai is a tax-free country so it’s one of the cheapest places in the world to buy electronics. You can find the latest technology alongside household electronics in the shops that line Al Fahidi Street, just make sure you ask for international warranty and check the voltage requirements if you’re planning to stock up on the latest technology before heading home.

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Bur Dubai Souk

The Bur Dubai Souk isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the extravagant malls in Dubai but it’s definitely worth visiting to see the exotic fabrics on offer. Mostly from India, the colourful fabrics and textiles are what make the Bar Dubai Souk. Situated on the Dubai creek, parking is always a problem but there’s enough nearby to entice you in with the surrounding streets packed with jewelry stores and tailoring shops.

Global Village

The world fair at Global Village is known for much more than shopping but for many residents it is the go-to place for furnishings. Packed with rides and stalls in the funfair with performances by international performers, each of the 38 pavilions represent a different country. Alongside furnishings you’ll find fashion, food, crafts and cultural displays that typify the nation’s presented.

Whilst it can often be assumed that Dubai is packed with designer stores, there’s also a wide selection of other retailers that can be explored both at the old souks and within the modern malls with grand architecture.

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