Dos and don’ts of flying and travelling

Holidays by nature include travel, often flying and, with that, comes plenty of planning to keep you on your toes. However, there are a number of travelling tips and flight tips to help you on your way and breeze straight through to the sun lounger.

Travelling with children also doesn’t need to fill with you dread, as we are sharing travelling tips for the whole family that can change your holidays entirely.

Travelling with children tips

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Do bring entertainment

Travelling can be tiring and a little boring for everyone, so pack plenty for the kids.  A long plane or bus journey will require plenty of games, books and activities. Forget the entertainment at your own peril…

Don’t forget chargers

If it’s electric, bring its charger. Many children’s games require chargers and phones and tablets do too; the last thing you want is to run out of charge while travelling.

Do bring snacks and water

Travelling can dehydrate us and tire us out, plenty of water and healthy snacks will keep you all going and save a little money by not buying them along the way.

Don’t schedule flights that could affect your child’s schedule

If you have a young child who is now sleeping through the night and on a schedule, attempt to get flights which can fit with that. That way, you don’t have to wake them up at 1am to go to the airport and pay for it later on in the night.

Do consider other passengers

While you want to keep the kids occupied and happy, you do need to be considerate of your fellow travellers. A little noise from everyone is accepted and inevitable, but if your young child’s device is making a lot of noise, it could get a little annoying – make sure they’re not too loud.

Don’t book flights with tight connections

One of the most important travelling with children tips is to remember that your kids will take longer than you to get around and disembark from the plane. Leave yourself the necessary wriggle room and attempt to not book connecting flights with tight time schedules.

Travelling tips for groups

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Do compromise

You won’t all want to do the same thing each day, so remember to compromise on the activities you plan to avoid arguments and disappointments all around.

Don’t over plan

Try to keep a level of flexibility to your plans. There will be times when someone might change their mind about joining an activity, someone might fall ill. And, there’s a higher chance of someone turning up late in a group. For these reasons, if you’re travelling with a group, don’t over plan.

Do look for reasonable flights

Planning group flights could get complicated but try to accommodate for everyone the best you can. For instance, attempt to fly from an airport which is roughly the same distance for you all or agree to meet up at the connecting flight (such as Amsterdam or Singapore).

Don’t stick to things you know

Travelling tips and experience will be readily available in a larger group, so be open to exploring new suggestions with the rest of the gang.

Do split up

If half of the group wants to go on a boat trip and the other half don’t, then do that. Just because you’re travelling as a group, it doesn’t mean you have to stick together 24/7, if splitting up helps with a compromise, do it.

Travelling tips for couples

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Do share the planning

It’s a couples trip, so plan as a couple. If only one of you has planned the trip, its more likely that the other may not enjoy all activities or the timing or the airline. If you’re going together, plan together. Unsure of how long your first couples holiday should last? Read our guide here!

Don’t bicker over money

Travelling costs money, and money is a huge opportunity for arguments between couples. Try to budget well and agree before you go that money should not fuel any travelling disagreements.

Do plan ahead

In your shared planning, ensure there are activities that tick boxes for you both; if your couple comprises of a sun worshiper and an explorer, factor in time for both of these things.

Don’t forget to go on dates

Keeping the romance going can often go by the wayside when you’re travelling with your partner while you remember your passports, hunt down the best beaches and recline in the sun. Make sure you remember to connect and plan some exciting dates while you’re there.

Flight tips

Do bring your own plastic bags

We’re all getting into the habit of carrying our own plastic bags with us now, so remember them when you’re flying. They will come in handy for any post security purchases, and if you bring your own zip-lock plastic bags for your carry-on liquids, you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd.

Don’t forget the prohibited list

You pack all of the things that you need, so don’t get caught out by having to leave some of them behind. There’s plenty of information on these lists on airline websites; check before you pack and avoid the disappointment and the flustered embarrassment.

Do know what to declare

Check, check and check again what items you need to declare. This might be medication or food items and it’s always best to err on the side of caution – especially when travelling with children.

Don’t leave it to the ‘last minute’

Arrive in plenty of time and check in as soon as you can. While it might make for a little more waiting around, it’s important to remember the plane will not wait for you. If you get stuck in security and you’re in a rush, you don’t want to risk missing your flight.

If you are dreading the flight, our travelling tips for surviving the plan journey can help. Read our blog post here.

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