Don’t Forget Your Passport: The Winter Weekend Check List

Don’t Forget Your Passport: The Winter Weekend Check List

The winter is often the perfect time to get away for a long weekend in Europe. It’s a season where there’s plenty going on. Squares are filled with Christmas markets, and the theatres are filled with festive shows.
The likes of Prague are lit up making it even more magical, whilst the markets of Berlin are truly unbeatable. In fact, there are dozens of fantastic cities to enjoy throughout December, finding an unforgettable holiday isn’t the problem, deciding what to pack most certainly is…
The Essentials:

Naturally, some of the most important items of clothes that need to be packed are hats, scarves, and gloves. In the winter months a holiday in Prague will see temperatures approach freezing, whilst even in Madrid the temperatures will be down to single figures.

Therefore, a hat and gloves are a must. However, if you simply don’t have enough space in your bag then Christmas markets are the perfect place to pick them up with plenty of stalls usually selling hand-knitted winter woollies.

Weekends away usually entail a lot of walking and when temperatures are low you really do need a snug pair of boots – not only to keep you warm but to lend some support too. A good pair of boots are one of the soundest investments you can make during the winter and you’ll certainly feel the benefit.

There are two ways you can view a weekend away, the one without a good pair of boots where you get tired of walking around stall after stall, your feet like blocks of ice, and your temperament becoming less and less tolerant, and the one where you do have a cosy pair of shoes and every stall offers something magical and your toes are as warm as the mulled wine you’ve spent the evening sipping on. We know which one sounds the most appealing to us…

Thermal Wear
Whether you’re male or female, a few extra layers or thermal clothing is well worth packing. The latter are generally very thin but incredibly warm thanks to the technology many of the major brands use.

You can pick them up at most good outdoor shops and you will most definitely feel the benefit when out in the cold December nights.

Additionally, from a female’s point of view, taking plenty of pairs of tights to wear under trousers and jeans will add that extra layer of warmth, and will still be easy to put on as you might find a baselayer legging may be too thick to comfortably put your clothes on.


An Extra Coat
On top of a day-do-day coat, again which must be warm, it is often a good idea to take an extra coat with you, one that’s perhaps a little lighter. Not only does it give you another option, after all only one coat may go with your new pair of boots, it will also come in handy should it be so cold you need to wear an extra coat under your regular jacket.

Likewise, if it’s a little warmer than you think you can also wear a lighter layer instead of a thick, snuggly jacket. Like thermal wear you can now get jackets that are exceptionally light and can be folded neatly into your suitcase without taking up much space at all. It’s a win-win situation.

An Umbrella
If there’s one thing that’s predictable about the winter, it’s winters unpredictability. An umbrella is a necessity back home so it should be in much of Europe too. Sadly, it’s one of the downsides to a winter break, and even if you simply plan on spending all day indoors enjoying spa treatments, it’s well worth packing one just in case.

There’s nothing worse than walking around an unfamiliar city soaked to the bone, no idea where the nearest coffee shop or bar is to dry off. It puts a real downer on a trip, and with Christmas around the corner, you don’t want to find yourself with an unnecessary cold.

The best thing you can do is pack for all eventualities but staying warm should be at the very top of your agenda. Do that, and we’re sure you’ll be in for a very special weekend, and a very Happy Christmas indeed.


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