Discover The Unknown: The Hidden Culture of Ibiza

Discover The Unknown: The Hidden Culture of Ibiza

Millions of people flock to Ibiza every summer. It’s the party capital of Europe, where Kevin and Perry went large and the Vengaboys were most definitely going. But a holiday to Ibiza is far more than experiencing its popular party culture; it offers some of the finest cultural excursions in Spain and most certainly the Balearics.


Culture seems to take a backseat on the island; the mainstream buzz centres around the super clubs and the world-famous DJs they attract. If you make time to explore Ibiza a little deeper or just fancy a day away from the beach, you’ll unearth some amazing cultural treasures.


Ibiza’s rich and varied history began with settlers arriving in the 7th century BC. The island is now home to several Word Heritage Sites, each of which is a testament to Ibiza’s diverse past. You can’t miss the majestic ramparts leading up from Placa de Sa Font to the Portal de ses Taules, built many years ago to ward off invaders and their armies. Immerse yourself in the history of the ramparts and imagine protecting the island with your comrades as the beauty of the town and port shimmer beneath you.

Necropolis del Puig des Molins

Just a short walk from the Ramparts is the Necropolis del Puig des Molins, a 2000 year old burial ground which has been converted into one of the island’s most fascinating museums. Exploring the site is an extraordinary experience, with over 3000 tombs submerged in the hillside and a museum showcasing the more interesting excavations.

Galeria Blanca

Ibiza’s musical roots are legendary and its status as the European capital of club culture is world-famous. Take a closer look at the island’s art and you’ll see the electric current of music pumping there too. Galeria Blanca is one of the latest galleries to open in Ibiza and sits at the heart of the capital’s main square, the Vara de Rey. It opened in May with its first exhibition showcasing DJ and artist Antonio Russo’s work, which is deeply inspired by his passion for music. Works by Dylan Izaak, Mr Kuu, and rock stars Ronnie Wood and Jimi Hendrix also feature in the gallery.


Ibiza Catedral stands proudly at the top of the Old Town and is the focal point of the entire island. Dating back to the 13th century, the cathedral was built on an agreement between Guillermo de Montgri, Peter of Portugal, and Nuno Sanc. They decided that a parish dedicated to Saint Mary should be one of their first obligations. It still stands today, as a magnificent piece of Catalan Gothic work and as home to many other important works of art (including painting by Francesc Cornes and Valenti Montoliu).



Es Vedra

The small, rocky island of Es Vedra is a striking sight, especially when viewed from the Torre d’es Savinar.  This impressive looking island has an even more impressive history, cloaked in mystery and supernatural legend. Some say its home to sirens and sea-nymphs, others claim UFO sightings and a secret alien base beneath the rock. Es Vedra is part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve, so pay the area a visit and let us know if you see anything unusual on this mysterious island.

Sa Caleta

Prefer your beaches to be secluded and relaxing? Then Sa Caleta is your perfect match, as one of the prettiest and most unspoilt beaches on the island. It’s a 10 minute drive from popular Playa d’en Bossa and boasts a beautiful backdrop of red cliffs met by golden sand and sparkling sea. Sa Caleta also plays host to another fantastic example of Ibizan culture… delicious food. The Sa Caleta restaurant offers magnificent Mediterranean cuisine, serving up fresh fish, rice, grilled meats and their ‘must-try’ lobster.  All of this is surrounded by ancient Phoenician settlement ruin, making it the perfect place to enjoy Ibiza’s cultural heritage.


The Egg

San Antonio is one of Ibiza’s tourist hotspots; many of the best hotels in Ibiza are located in the town and it’s regularly described as the clubbing capital of the world.  One thing really stands out, and it sits in the middle of a roundabout on entrance to the town. Can you guess what we’re describing?


The Egg! For those not familiar and possibly confused, the Egg is a monument to the explorer Christopher Columbus with the inner ship representing the famous Santa Maria. So much more than just a giant egg! Legend goes that when Columbus approached backers to fund his trip to the Far East, he was told it was an impossible task. He took an egg and asked whether standing it upright would be an impossible task. The group agreed on its impossibility, to which Columbus responded by lightly cracking the egg on its base so it could stand. It was a ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude, one that San Antonio lives up to every day.


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