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Customer Research – We Want To Hear Your Opinion

Customer Surveys

If you’re subscribed to our mailing list, and I strongly suggest you do if you’re after the latest deals, best offers and most importantly discounts and promotional codes, then you’ll have seen one of our customer survey before. We tend to send these out every few months to gauge what it is that interests you. We read a lot of industry news, research, white papers and the like but in the end it’s you that’s actually making the purchase so it’s your opinions we really want.

Here’s a quick summary of our last survey done in March 2011….

We asked if you’d booked for the Easter break yet (this was around 1 month before the Easter holidays) and only 28% of you had with the majority saying they would soon, and where to? Well Spain / Portugal stood out as the most popular destinations taking just over 40% of votes! Fairly conclusive that an abundance of cheap flights and great last minute deals to the more popular resorts that are only a couple of hours away are still very popular choices.

When asked about the summer holidays a fairly impressive 40% of you had already booked opting to book in January again with Spain / Portugal being the most popular destination with over 55% of people selecting this option. January’s always a popular month to book for the summer as many of the larger hotels in the bigger resorts have some great free child place deals, early booking offers and generally good prices as they aren’t sure how popular the summer season is going to be. It also gives us something to look forward to through the cold dark January nights.

Of all those that booked their summer holidays nice and early we asked what type of accommodation they’d booked – hotel, apartments, caravan, tent etc! A shocking 0.2% of respondents couldn’t actually remember what they’d booked! Tents weren’t that much more popular with 0.4% of votes.

I’m fairly pleased to see that our customers still crave something new and that we don’t all go back to the same hotel in the same resort each year with 40% of people saying that they wanted to visit a different hotel in a resort they hadn’t stayed in before – should hoteliers in Benidorm be worried?

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