Costa del Sol Weather

Weather in the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol was named perfectly after its wonderful weather throughout the seasons, translating quite literally into the Sunshine Coast. It promises over 320 days of sunshine per year averaging 32°C in the summer months of June, July and August. The Costa del Sol weather is as glorious as you’d expect from such an aptly named destination.

The Costa del Sol is sits on Spain’s southern coast, just 81 miles from Africa, where you are ensured a sunny forecast, happy thermometers and sparkling weather outlooks. Sheltered by hills and mountains, the Costa del Sol weather is guarded by a natural landscape barrier which defends against any wind or rain that might dampen other parts of Spain. This creates a delightfully enticing micro-climate which attracts thousands of holidaymakers a year. It’s one of our most popular year-round holiday destinations and deservedly so, with lovely beaches spread across over 150km of coastline, bright blue sea, plenty to see and do and the perfect holiday weather.

Most travellers pack their suitcases dreaming of sunshine and the Mediterranean climate of Spain and the beautiful Costa del Sol weather do not disappoint, ensuring gorgeous weather and endless, glittering rays of sunshine. Days in the Costa del Sol are beautifully long and warm, cooling a little in the evening to create a hazy heat by which to explore the many restaurants, bars and night clubs on offer. There’s also virtually no rainfall, particularly in the summer months, so be sure to leave those welly-gogs and brollies at home. The average yearly temperature here is 22°C and the sea rarely drops below 20°C, making the Costa del Sol a fantastic destination for winter-sun seekers looking to escape our chilly winter climes and splash like giddy dogfish in the sparkling blue sea.

Costa del Sol weather

The golden summer months beget higher average temperatures of up to 32°C and bright, hot weather. No dulling clouds, unwanted wind or pesky rain… just lots of beautiful sunshine, the smell of warm sun-cream-mixed-with-salt skin and flawless Costa del Sol weather. The sea reaches a minimum temperature of 23°C in the summer which makes it perfect for swimming and diving, plus it is brilliant weather for sailing and sunning yourself aboard a boat. A champagne sunset on the deck whilst the captain slowly steers you across the ocean – perfect! Expect Costa del Sol summertime evenings to be balmy and warm, shimmering in the afterglow of the day’s heat.

If you prefer your temperatures a little lower but your weather just as beautiful, visit the Costa del Sol in the Spring (April, May, early June) or in early Autumn when the temperature relaxes a little and ranges between 23°C and 27°C. Rainfall will still be minimal and you can still expect beautifully sunny weather, warm water to float in and that undeniable ‘eeeee I’m on holiday’ feeling.

When you have 320 days of sunshine to look forward to weather warnings will probably be at the very back of your mind. We advise that you stock up on lots of water, sun cream and sunhats as the blissful weather can sometimes get a little too much, especially midday. Not a hat person? How about a visor! Cool hey? Keep pleasantly chilled with frequent dips in the pool and the sea and be sure to take some time out in the shade if you feel too warm.


How is the Costa del Sol weather sounding to you? To us it sounds heavenly: lots of sunshine, warm temperatures all-year round, beautiful sea that is pleasant to swim in throughout the year.. dreamy! Combine this with the many things to see and do in the Costa del Sol and you’ve got a perfect holiday. Top holiday resorts on the Costa del Sol include MarbellaFuengirolaBenalmadena and Torremolinos; each area provides lots of activities and entertainment to enjoy alongside the beautiful Costa del Sol weather. Marbella is celebrated for being both charming and stylish and is known as a hotspot for Europe’s rich and famous. The nightlife is eclectic, the beaches are beautiful and there are restaurants to suite all tastes and prices. Fuengirola boasts Blue Flag beaches and entertainment for all types of holiday-maker, from friends to couples to families. This includes a zoo, harbor, castle and medieval fortress! Benalmadena is split into three distinct areas: the old town, the main tourist area (with a 9km beach) and the beautiful marina. The marina is smart and sophisticated, with lots of stylish bars, restaurants and a fantastic lively atmosphere. Torremolinos is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol and has one of the best beaches, Playamar Beach. The nightlife is lively, there is plenty of family entertainment (such as Tivoli World theme park), there are shops galore and even an beautiful old fishing quarter.

That’s our Costa del Sol weather report over… now go enjoy the beauuuuuuuutiful sunshine.



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