Why you should consider solo travelling

Although it may seem daunting to consider your first solo journey, the benefits of ‘going it alone’ can be quite impressive. At a glance, you may feel more vulnerable. While this is a valid concern, if you plan and embrace, you could discover your new favourite way to travel – alone.

Statistically, the number of us wanting to embark on solo travelling holidays is rising, with the number of people travelling alone trebling since 2011 (according to the ABTA 2018 travel report).

Solo holidays allow you the freedom to make your own decisions, to not have to compromise on where you go or how long you stay for. The decisions are yours and yours alone. From catching your flight to your last meal, your experience should be much smoother as you don’t have to coordinate with anyone but yourself. You want to stay an extra day? Go right ahead.

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Benefits of your first solo journey

Aside from convenience, the benefits of travelling alone can change the way you approach life. We hear so often of travellers going to ‘find themselves’. As cheesy as it may sound, you’re more likely to find this deeper connection and satisfaction with yourself if you can embrace travelling alone.

Likewise, you are more likely to make strong connections with fellow travellers. Most people don’t enjoy putting themselves out there and meeting new people, but ‘going it alone’ pushes you to do so – and for the better. We surveyed many people regarding travel advice they would share with their younger selves, and some cited making long-lasting friendships.

Solo travelling holidays are becoming even easier and more appealing with the widening reach of social media. You will have never been less alone or as well-informed when travelling solo in 2019.

What countries should I visit solo?

There is an enormous list of countries to visit. However, we have looked at the most popular destinations for single holidays and categorised them to save you the hassle of endless scrolling and research.

Aerial view of costa rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is brimming with nature and embodies countless opportunities to experience new things. If you’re looking for a little inner calm and to get back to nature, this could be your ticket. Single holidays in Costa Rica give travellers the time and the lack of distraction to take in the beauty of the national parks, waterfalls and volcanos. Not to mention, this is a popular destination for solo travellers, so you’ll find that many of the people you meet, if not friendly locals, are eager to connect and share similar experiences.

New York, United States

In a city jam-packed with museums, theatres, shops, tourist attractions, parks and endless cuisines, you don’t need company. New York offers so much urban artistry, in the form of buildings, sculptures or famous streets, that you and your camera will leave more than satisfied. You can easily jump in a yellow cab (an icon in itself!), on the subway, or a bus and get to your desired destination, with the added pleasure of no disputes over time. Your reasons for choosing a solo trip are unique to you, but many choose to do so to prove to themselves that they can. There’s no better place that could prove your own capability than the concrete jungle of New York.


Germany is reasonably affordable so a great choice for a solo journey. The city is also a great scene for backpacking, meaning you’ll find plenty of like-minded people. In many cities in Germany, you’ll find historic, medieval castles, interspersed will cool and hipster buildings in the likes of Hamburg and Berlin. Language is also not too much of a barrier, as English is largely spoken.  Of course, wherever you travel, attempt to learn at even the basics of the native language. Acknowledging the local customs can also come in extremely handy.


The choices of routes to take in Romania are easily geared toward solo travelling holidays, and it’s considered pretty safe too. Picturesque opportunities for the perfect angle are plentiful in the land of Dracula, down in Transylvania. The misty scenes can be hauntingly beautiful, as can Bucharest’s surrounding lowlands and lakes of Balea Lac, Maramures, Transfagarasan and Bucovina. In complete contrast, Bucharest is a city more geared towards the party scene, another side to a picture-perfect destination not to be missed.

Top tip – always carry enough Romanian currency with you as cash is largely still used there.


Plovdiv, Bulgaria has been awarded the European City of Culture, so you know there is plenty of beauty and culture to experience during your single holiday. The smaller, more rural towns present their own charm, although they may be more difficult to reach and to communicate with the locals once there.  The country, overall, boasts mountain ranges and beaches alongside glistening snow slopes depending upon the time of your visit, so the wonderous sites will never cease.

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