Cliché Holiday Destinations

Cliché Holiday Destinations

With an estimated count of over 250,000 cities in the world, you would be forgiven for rolling your eyes when another Facebook friend brags about their clichéd holiday, complete with typical tourist photo of well-known monument, or image stroking a poor young cub.

Despite the fact that, yes, they are overdone, these touristy destinations are still worth visiting. The fact that they have become clichés shows that they have something keeping holiday goers coming back year on year. Rather than boycotting these famous cities, why not visit them and experience for yourself why they are so loved?

Benidorm, Spain
Benidorm is one of Europe’s most popular tourist towns, with millions heading there each year. There are plenty of reasons as to why it has become such a hit holiday destination; from its beautiful stretches of sandy beaches to its vibrant nightlife, and plenty to do for people of all ages.

Families visiting Benidorm can take advantage of the nearby theme parks, dozens of water sports activities, and huge variety of affordable restaurants and cafes which will please everyone from the gourmet chefs to the fussiest of eaters. Adults looking to dance the night away have a huge choice of bars, clubs and pubs to choose from to ensure they have different scenery each night, while those looking to relax can soak up the beautiful sun and sea which Benidorm is renowned for. Visiting out of season dramatically cuts the tourist population down, making it easier to enjoy the city without worrying about personal space.

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with upwards of 16 million tourists heading there each year. Although it has always been a backpackers dream, Bangkok is becoming more common for holiday goers and families as the years go on.

Bangkok has something to offer everyone; from spiritual temples to breathtakingly beautiful beaches, extravagant palaces to busy markets, public parks to busy roads – there is such diversity in culture that it would be possible for someone to live there their entire life and still not experience everything. Bangkok is incredibly cheap; even with higher flight costs, a two week trip is easily affordable without the need for intense budgeting or missing out on experiences once you’re out there.

New York, America
Fondly known as the Big Apple by tourists and residents alike, New York is lusted after as a holiday destination by many. This city that never sleeps has everything to offer, and everything offered is outsized; from food portions to shopping, nothing is done on a small scale in New York. West End Broadway is renowned for its foot-stomping musicals, the city for its pizza, bagels and cheesecake, not to mention its jaw-dropping skyline. There is literally nothing that New York doesn’t do, and doesn’t do well. In summer, enjoy the scorching heat in one of its many public parks, and in winter cosy up in one of New York’s infamous coffee houses.

Paris, France
Often referred to as the city of romance, Paris has long held the heart of tourists thanks to its part in many major films, and it’s endless number of iconic attractions, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

With dozens of art galleries, museums and cathedrals to compliment the huge shopping districts, it is impossible to be bored in the French capital. Food lovers can get a taste of Europe’s finest patisseries, and the legendary wine and cheese, of course. Paris does international cuisine perfectly too, so if you fancy Thai one night you won’t have to look far for a quality one.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is a city full of stereotypes; smoking cafes, clogs, the Red Light District, and cyclists are all key themes that enter people’s minds when talking about it. Amsterdam is all these, and much, much more. It is such a multicultural city, filled with beautiful canals, historical monuments, art galleries, picturesque streets and beautiful architecture. Shops in Amsterdam tend to be design led, so those wanting to spend get just as much a visual experience as one of retail, and there are dozens of restaurants and cafes to fuel your trip. Amsterdam has an eclectic nightlife, making it possible for people of all ages to go out and have a good night.


There’s plenty you can do to make your trip seem less cliché, more unique. Steer clear of peak times, go off the beaten track when exploring, and speak to locals to find out their recommendations of places to go. Or you can just go with the flow – that cliché Eiffel Tower photo might not seem as cringe when it’s yours!

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