How to save up to £800 on a city break

Holidaying in one of Europe’s great capital cities is all well and good, but sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. For one thing, a break in Amsterdam, Budapest and London or another hotspot during the peak season can mean lengthy queues, pavement rage and you getting all hot and bothered. What’s more, they can be expensive, with their tourist trap restaurants, eye-wateringly pricey shops and ‘We saw you coming’ bars.

So, this year, we’re suggesting you head off the beaten track, just a little bit. To experience somewhere new, that little bit different and, yes, you guessed it, easier on the pocket. The Alpharooms team is proud to introduce its newest infographic; your go-to guide for finding an affordable, interesting destination just a stone’s throw away from one of Europe’s big capital cities. Amsterdam? We give you Harlem. Oslo? Say hello to Bygdøy. London? Why not give Windsor a whirl? (See the image below).


London city break

And we’re not just asking you to take our word for it. We’ve crunched the data to come up with our definitive cost comparison of major cities and their lesser known – but equally as good – cousins (see below for our methodology). Oh, and we’ve packed our infographic with lots of information as to what you can see and do when you’re away.

So go ahead – break free from the traditional capital city holiday break and discover somewhere new, alternative, interesting and much more affordable!


How we worked it out

To determine the cheapest – and greatest – ‘striking distance’ locations from some of the world’s capital cities, we created a typical travel shopping basket for each destination. These comprise:

  • Average price for a stay at a three-star hotel
  • Price of a bottle of wine
  • Price of a pint of beer
  • Cost of a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant
  • Cost of travel into the capital city

Capital city = 3 nights hotel room + 4 glasses of wine (every evening one) + 4 pints of beers (each day one) + 3 times meal
Alternate town = 3 nights hotel room + 4 glasses of wine (every evening one) + 4 pints of beers (each day one) + 3 times meal transport cost between the cities

Then, for each capital city and its alternative cheaper neighbour, we added up their respective baskets to give a cost comparison, showing you how much you could save when staying four days in a striking distance destination over its country’s better-known capital.


Find your perfect city break now; book with £1 deposit and pay it off in instalments!


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