Chasing The Sun: Where Is Hot In December?

Chasing The Sun: Where Is Hot In December?

The winter is drawing in and it’s time to dust down our big coats and dig out our hat and scarf. The month of December is one full of excitement with Christmas fast approaching, but it gets dark earlier, damper, and we can even have the odd day of snow.

For many of us our daily commutes become nightmares and trudging through snow to the office is a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter breaks are becoming quite the phenomenon and across the world there are plenty of places you can swap your scarf for sandals.

If you’re planning a trip away during December, here are the best places to top up your tan and forget about the cold, dark winters back home.

No matter what time of the year Mexico is one of the most intriguing countries on the planet. There’s the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, the golden sands of Cancun, and the ancient history of Chichen Itza just a few hours’s drive from the tourism hotspot. And in December you can enjoy it all at a rather lovely average temperature of 28 ⁰C.

Holidaying in Cancun gives visitors the chance to experience both sides of Mexico. The five-star hotel, luxurious side which has resorts that allow you to relax in pure splendour, and the more traditional side of Mexico which offers mouth-watering tacos and lively neighbourhoods which party on through the night.

With the Caribbean Sea just a stone’s throw away, it’s not only perfect for a dip but also the vast amounts of seafood it serves including lobster, shrimp, and fish. However, it’s Mexico City inspired cuisine which really must be tried in Cancun with Checándole in the city centre specialising in chilango.

You’d think that with an active volcano on the island of Lanzarote it never gets very cold. And you’d be right, but that’s more to do with its proximity to the equator than the volcano. Located in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote sees temperatures of around 20 ⁰C with very little rainfall.

Puerto del Carmen is the island’s main tourist town with over one million visitors each year, with plenty of those coming during the winter months. It’s a hub of the island’s diving activities, although the water will be a little colder in December, whilst the town is lined with gorgeous restaurants serving up tapas and a range of other Mediterranean staples.

Timanfaya National Park is a main attraction and like escaping to another planet, in fact it has been used as exactly that in a number of Hollywood movies. In the park you can discover Lanzarote’s volcanic history as well as explore the huge craters dormant volcanoes have left behind.

It’s impossible to imagine Dubai without the skyscrapers rising up into clear, blue, picture-perfect skies and that is the case all year round – including December when we’re usually wrapped up from head to toe.

The desert climate ensures the temperature is just right as it approaches Christmas and ideal for a winter break. With beaches to relax on and hotels to unwind in away from the busy period, Dubai is a place like no other. Plus, there are hundreds of luxury shops for you to do a spot of Christmas shopping in.

Of course, in the city you can even enjoy a bit of snow  at Ski Dubai Snowpark which covers 3,000 square metres of slope in snow, so you can enjoy the benefits of a white Christmas in the Middle East.

Barbados and the Caribbean convey luxury, and even in December they meet your expectations. With the cricket season in full flow during the month it’s the perfect time to sit by the boundary, glass of Banks beer in hand and soak up the rays watching the nation’s favourite pastime.

The dry season is the best time to visit the island and from December to May temperatures range from around 20°C to 30°C – ideal beach weather.

The beaches of Barbados are truly stunning, and would be worth just lying on all day if the island didn’t have so much to offer. Bridgetown is a city which should be discovered and is steeped in history with plenty to do, particularly around Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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