Can you Travel to Ibiza on a Budget?

Can you Travel to Ibiza on a Budget?


If you were to listen to some, the archetypal trip on an Ibiza holiday would most likely cost you considerable sums of money. Many are apprehensive about how much they will be required to spend to enjoy themselves, especially when you consider bowdlerised visions of all-night parties, lavish cocktails, and sun-kissed adventures.

As it happens, however, the so-called White Isle is a deceptively diverse and affordable place to visit. Armed with a little local knowledge of the locations, it resorts and the surrounding environment, it is possible to save money while also exploring more of the island as a whole.

If you are planning a trip to the White Isle soon, here are some practical steps that will help us save money as you explore more of Ibiza’s man-made and natural charms.

Firstly, Challenge your Palette To Eat Local Cuisine


As with any popular tourist attraction, Ibiza is well-populated with global fast-food chains such as Burger King and McDonald’s. This type of satisfying cuisine can be, firstly a little boring, but also extremely costly, especially when you consider the true value that you actually get for your money. This is because eateries of this type charge a premium to customers in order to maximise value from the tourist trade during peak months.

In contrast, local supermarkets and restaurants offer cheaper prices to suit the residents who live in Ibiza all year round. This offers a unique opportunity to travellers, who can simultaneously save money while also challenging their palette and enjoying the White Isle’s native cuisine. Whether you purchase affordable staple ingredients and cook at your apartment or visit the renowned Comidas Bar San Juan in Ibiza Town (which delivers a two course meal to a couple for less than €35), you can reduce your cost and explore new taste sensations.

Places of this nature are very popular among savvy tourists, however, and tend to fill-up after 11.00pm. To avoid this, book ahead or make sure you are there before this time.

Party for less and for longer


While this may sound obvious, it is working out how to do this without compromising on the experience that even the best of us may struggle with. The devil is in the detail however, as you look at the locations and logistic options that delivers the most value for your hard-earned money.

One of the best cost-saving measures in Ibiza is the ‘Disco Bus’, which provides a cheaper and more enjoyable alternative to taxis. Travelling between San Antonio to Playa D’en Bossa can cost between €20 and €30 per trip, whereas the disco bus travels from the terminus to front door of Ibiza’s hottest club for just €3. The bus even provides an opportunity for people to meet, drink, and grab a bite to eat, and it’s almost impossible to miss the last one, with it finishing at 6.45am!

For anyone in the market for a slightly different experience, one of Ibiza’s famed boat parties might be right up your street. Known for their sense of carefree hedonism, boat parties cost between 50 and 60 Euros while the price of admission often includes admission to a White Isle club later in the evening. Essentially, you are paying half-price for an extended party that lasts from morning until night, so unless you suffer from seas-sickness this is a real no-brainer.

Explore the world outside of San Antonio


Naturally, the centre of San Antonio is the ideal place to stay, the prime location for Ibiza rocks holidays, and ease of travel to most of the islands entertainment. But for those whose thirst for adventure expands beyond sun, sea, and partying, it is important to note that the White Isle is a diverse location which a great deal to offer outside of San Antonio. Take the Cala Gracio beach for example, which is a stunning stretch of golden coastline where visitors can enjoy all sorts, including the thrill of cliff-diving. This is just a short walk from San Antonio, and it is well worth a relaxing day-trip.

A trip to the Ibiza Old Town is also recommended, as it offers incredible views of the surrounding scenery and an insight into life away from the clubs and hedonism. You can get a bus from San Antonio to the Old Town for as little as €2, and this offers excellent access to what is now confirmed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another excellent day-trip, this will deliver a considerable change of pace and enable you to recharge your batteries while also learning about an entirely different culture.

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