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In theory, a day at the beach should be super relaxing: the warm sun beating down, an ice-cold drink in hand and the children happily building sandcastles nearby. In reality though, it’s more often than not bored children demanding ice-creams, sand in those hard-to-reach places and worst case scenario, water damage on your phone or camera. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love the beach – but that’s because we know the difference that having the right kit can make. We thought we’d share some of our seaside essentials with you, so that you can get the most from your beach break:

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Sandusa Beach Towel

Sand has a habit of getting absolutely everywhere, from the foot-well of your hire car to the bottom of your beach bag, so we like to pack ourselves a sand-resistant towel to prevent this from happening. The Sandusa has a nylon backing that stops sand sticking to it, and it’s also waterproof, which means no moisture can seep through and attract sand that way either. The towels come in a wide array of colours, with prices starting from £35.00. A handy tip is to use the towel for wrapping up wet swimming costumes on the way home, which will also stop sand sticking to them.

Changing Bag, Carry Cot and Changing Station All in One

Babies are adorable, but take one to the beach and you’ll find that you need an extra car for all the paraphernalia that comes with them! Luckily this fantastic all-in-one from Delta Baby helps cut down on the amount of equipment you have to take. The changing bag has four large pockets to store milk, nappies and food and opens up into a handy carrycot with a comfortable mattress. This is ideal for keeping baby contained whilst on the beach and of course prevents those experimental fistfuls of sand! You may also wish to use the carrycot in place of a travel cot in your hotel room and a changing station when you’re out on the go.

a cute 10 month old baby girl is playing outside at the beach by the ocean, digging with her hands in the white sand on a summer day.

Underwater Mask Camera

It’s hard to take good pictures underwater when you’re using one arm to swim and another to control your camera. So, if you want to capture your dive in all its glory we recommend investing in an Underwater Mask Camera. The scuba camera is fully HD and will record 720p videos of your marine adventure. The mask also contains a 5MP still camera and you can seamlessly switch between the two modes. Even the most experienced divers will be able to put the camera through its paces, as its IP8 waterproof standard means that it can be used on dives of up to 30m.

Diver and Bluespotted stingray

Matchbox Treasure Tracker Truck

Keep both kids and adults entertained with this cool Treasure Tracker Truck, which doubles up as a working metal detector. Push the antenna of the truck down to get it working and once it detects metal it will start flashing and beeping. Then it’s time to use the scoop to get digging, and finally the sifter setting to remove the sand or dirt so that only the treasure remains! If the beach seems alarmingly devoid of pieces of eight there’s no need to despair – simply bury some of your own. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the terrain and the truck typically has four hours of charge. Definitely one for any budding archaeologists!

ancient coins in the sand

OverBoard Waterproof Phone Case

We love gadgets that are fun, but it’s often the most practical gadgets that can make all the difference on your trip to the coast. If you want to take to the water but there’s no one to look after your phone, what do you do? You could always leave it at home but that makes arranging meeting up with your friends or family after your aquatic activity all the more complicated. OverBoard has a great selection of waterproof cases, which allow you to use all the functions of your phone while it’s still encased. The Lenzflex back window even lets you snap ultra-clear pictures on your phone’s camera. Go, go, gadget!

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