Beat The Crowds: Majorca

Beat The Crowds: Majorca

Majorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Neighbouring Ibiza and Menorca it welcomes throes of tourists every year who spend weeks just soaking up the warm Mediterranean sunshine.
Of course with 10 million visitors enjoying Majorca holidays, it can get crowded. The likes of Es Trenc beach and the Magaluf strip are crawling with revellers, but there’s plenty to see and do in Majorca that’s off the beaten track too.

And that’s perhaps where you’ll find it at its finest. The island has been occupied since the Bronze Age so it has a wealth of interesting ruins across the island, from the city of Palma to Capdepera to the east of the island.

There are plenty of ways to beat the crowds in Majorca, and here at alpharooms we’ve put our heads together to give you the very best tips…

Live Like A Majorcan
Firsty, the best thing to do is live like a Majorcan. If you don’t want to be waiting around for a table on the streets of Magaluf, or fancy tasting something on your lips other than Guinness or a lager you can find in any bar across the world, then find yourself some authentic Spanish cuisine.

Swap the burgers for jamon and chips for patatas bravas in some of Majorca’s finest eateries. Sa Roqueta on the outskirts of Palma at Es Portixol far from puts itself on the radar but it offers some of the finest paella on the island.

Elsewhere, switch the San Miguels for some of the island’s finest beer, which not only comes cheaper but in bars that are away from the typical tourist traps. You’ll find plenty of locals propping up the bar in the likes of Quina Creu, where they serve up Cerveza Tramuntana, one of the best craft beers in Spain.

Go Inland To The Prettiest Village In Spain
To really beat fellow tourists and find solace away from the hustle and bustle, visit unspoilt Majorca and head inland to Fornalutx. Surrounded by the Alfabia Mountains, it claims to be the prettiest village in the whole of Spain, and with good reason too.

It’s one of the most idyllic locations in Majorca and filled with orangeries, lemon trees, and beautiful stone buildings. It sees plenty of tourists make the trip over from Soller, but it never feels overcrowded and you can’t help but fall in love with the place.

The town centre is dotted with glorious cafes to sit and lap up the sunshine, whilst the old town with its quaint town hall reminds you of authentic Spain.

Elsewhere inland, the likes of Capdepera also offer a real taste of the island away from big crowds. Originally built as a village to control the uninhabited land by James II of Aragon, it is one of the islands most important towns, just a short drive from Arta.

The Castle of Capdepera is naturally the village’s most prominent feature, dating back as far as 310. It regularly receives rave reviews from visitors and is one of the islands best kept secrets, and priced at only a few euros to enter, you really can’t go wrong.

Avoid The Magaluf Strip
If there’s one place you’ll suffer from overcrowding it’s on a night time trip to the Magaluf strip. We don’t anticipate really needing to tell you this, but it’s impossible for it not to make our top tips for beating the crowds in Majorca.

Naturally we all like to spend an evening out, and there are plenty of options other than the jam-packed bars and nightclubs of Magaluf.

If you’re looking for something lively, then the islands capital Palma is certainly a great choice. As well as the restaurants and bars we’ve already mentioned, the Jazz Voyeur Club is buzzing with locals and has live bands playing every night.

If you’re staying to the east of the island towards the beautiful beaches of Platja de Sant Llorenc, you won’t find a better evening than the Osteria Pane & Olio which is perfect for a laidback evening, sat on the terraces watching the sun go down, especially if you’ve been out all day tasting the samples of the local vineyards – another must do if you’re staying in the region.

Despite what you think, and of course the 10 million people that touch down at Palma airport every year, there are plenty of ways to avoid the crowds, and in fact discover the best of what the island has to offer at the very same time.

So what’re you waiting for? A truly magical Majorca holiday awaits…



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