Beach Safety Tips

If you’re jetting off in search of some summer sun, it’s important to keep safe when on the beach. Here are our top tips for staying sun safe!

On the beach

When you first head to the beach on your holiday, you need to get used to the different signs, warning flags and safety information.

Warning flags

Although flag colours can vary depending on where you are, in general red flags symbolise a strong current and to be cautious as the water is extremely rough. Sometimes, a red flag can mean the water is closed to the public.

A yellow flag suggests a moderate current, and a medium water hazard. So although the water may be a bit choppy, but it’s not overly dangerous. Green flags give the all clear, and are indicative of the sea being calm.

Purple or blue flags mean that there is dangerous marine life about (such as jellyfish) that have been seen.

Be clued up on swimming

It is best if you swim where there is an on-duty lifeguard nearby. Not only that, but teaching your young children the swimming basics is also super important (such as doggy paddle); this is said to lessen the risk of drowning by 88%.

Children need to be supervised at all times when swimming, as sea swimming is different to pool swimming and has varying currents. Where the tides and sea bed change, there can be a sudden drop and you’re no longer in shallow waters, so be prepared at all times to swim.

It is recommended that you don’t dive or jump off from high rocks, coral, piers, and breakwaters where there are signs forbidding you from doing so. Also, try and swim with someone else at all times too, in case you need help.

You need to be wary of rip currents, which are powerful channels of water that can suddenly drag you further into the sea. They tend to form around piers or seawalls and can be identified by choppy waves on the surface of the sea.

What to do if you get an injury

If you suffer an injury or get stung when in the sea, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible. Most jellyfish stings only leave an angry red mark, but stings from box jellyfish can be fatal.

If you can’t get hold of any first aid, place some ice on the sting and take out any tentacles with tweezers. If you start to experience symptoms such as difficulty breathing or chest pain, seek medical attention straight away.

Sun safety

The best way to stay safe in the sun is to use a good mix of sun cream, clothing, and shade.

To keep safe…

  • Make sure you cover up with sunglasses, t-shirt and a hat.
  • The sun’s rays are at their strongest between the hours of 11am and 3pm, so try and spend most of the time in the shade.
  • Apply sunscreen of at least SPF 15 (SPF 30 is the recommended amount) that has a UVA rating of 4 to 5 stars.

Make sure you are covered up

If you aren’t able to find any shade nearby, wearing relaxed clothing with sunglasses and a hat will be effective in protecting your skin from the sun.

Choose materials that don’t have a thin weave, as they will be able to obstruct the sun’s rays. If you get your clothes wet, they can stretch and cause more UV rays to break through the material, so try to avoid getting cotton clothes wet. Also opt for a wide brimmed hat to shield your face, neck and ears. Ensure that your sunglasses have a ‘CE mark’, a 100% UV protection, and UV 400 label.

Stay in the shade

Shade is effective at shielding skin from the sun’s UV rays. You can look for, or make your own shade, by:

  • Wearing a wide brimmed hat.
  • Sitting in tents or shelters.
  • Sitting under trees or umbrellas.
  • Sitting indoors for while.

Slap on the suncream

  • Apply around 2 tablespoons of sun cream for your body, and 2 teaspoons if you’re covering your top half (head, neck, and arms)
  • Sweat and swimming can cause sun cream to wear off (even if it’s water resistant), so reapply regularly.
  • Get new bottles of suncream every 1 to 2 years, as they can go out of date and not be as effective.


If you’re on the hunt for a sun, sea, and fun, take a look at our Summer 2017 hotel deals. Just remember to be sun safe to make the most of your trip!

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