Ayia Napa nightlife

Ayia Napa nightlife

Ayia Napa is the party capital of Cyprus and lies to the very east of the South coast. There’s plenty to see and do for all types of holiday maker in both Ayia Napa and Cyprus, but it’s the Ayia Napa nightlife that we’re excited about.

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Ayia Napa nightlife… the lowdown

Ayia Napa nightlife is world-famous for being an extreme clubbing destination, attracting a young crowd of party goers who want to drink and dance until the sun comes up. Ayia Napa was massive in the 1990s, peaking in the early 2000s as the go-to destination for European clubbers. It was particularly popular with urban music lovers and played host to a lot of UK garage stars.ayia napa nightlife 6

Nowadays even though the buzz has mellowed a little, Ayia Napa nightlife is still held in high esteem amongst clubbers and remains a hot spot destination for people looking for a fun, party holiday. The clubs and bars play a much wider selection of music now meaning that there really is something for everyone.

The electric clubbing atmosphere centres on the square and the strip, two areas located right at the heart of Ayia Napa town. With more than 80 bars and 12 big clubs, Ayia Napa welcomes the raucous with open arms and ensures that the party atmosphere carries on into the early morning. There are of course plenty of beach parties going on too – the perfect way to relax after a day in the sun.

Most of the bars open around 8pm but the Ayia Napa nightlife doesn’t really properly get going until 11pm, with most of the clubs opening even later at 1am.  As the excitement for the night ahead builds up you’ll find lots of promotions people milling around the crowd, trying to sell you tickets or to mildly coerces you into their bar. It’s definitely worth using their offers to your advantage though, so keep an eye out for cheap drinks and deals.

Ayia Napa nightlife… our top picks

So we’ve mentioned that Ayia Napa’s main square and strip are the two main locations for all of the best partying. Here’s our top pick of Ayia Napa’s nightlife stars…

The Castle Club
There’s only one word for the Castle Club… immense!  It’s ranked as number 1 on Trip Advisor’s ‘nightlife in Ayia Napa list’ and is Ayia Napa’s largest club, with 14 bars, 3 unique rooms and the town’s largest outdoor terrace > http://thecastleclub.com

Soho Club
Soho Club is situated right by Ayia Napa’s main square and is ultra-glamorous and luxurious. It’s an underground club with a terrace at ground level > http://sohocyprus.com

Club Aqua
Club Aqua is one of the after-hours clubs, opening at 3am and keeping the party going well in to the morning. It’s also got a pool for cooling down amidst the late night heat.

The Sea Cavern
The Sea Cavern is a great-value bar, perfect for daytime or evening drinking. It’s located on the bottom of the strip as you move away from the square – this is home to other good value bars.

Zombie Experience
Like zombies? Well I love them which is why I had to feature this amazing bar crawl in the blog. Join other members of the would-be undead for the Apocalypse  Crawl and make your way through the Virus Camp to the World’s End and Apocalypse Camps – amazing! >  http://zombieexperience.net/about


Ayia Napa nightlife… the day after the night before

What better way to bid farewell to a raging hangover than by lounging around on the beach all day, napping, swimming and relaxing. Perfect! Ayia Napa may be famous for its nightlife but its beaches are certainly well known too. Stunning white sand stretches with crystal clear water of the bluest blue.

Nissi Beach is probably the best known beach in Ayia Napa; it has pristine, white sand,  gorgeous turquoise-topaz water and it’s very much *the* beach to be seen on. Be sure to head to the Nissi Bay Beach Bar for sunshine and sea fun and games all day long.

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Makronissos beach (made up of 3 coves) is a great relaxing beach for the days when you just want to chill out after the night before; it’s much more peaceful and far less crowded than Nissi Beach. Head down in the evening to check out Makronissos Kandi Beach for cool beach parties.

If you’re up to a day out then the WaterworldWaterpark is definitely worth a visit! The park has a Greek mythology theme and has won countless international awards for being awesome. There are lots of slides, pools and aqua activities for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re up for a hair-raising slide or if you just want to chill out in one of the lazy wave pools > http://wwcyprus.com/

For another great day away from the beach visit Parko Paliatso, a theme park at the heart of Ayia Napa. If you’re not too hungover from last night’s antics then brave the Sling Shot, the highest ejection seat ride in the whole of Europe > http://parkopaliatsocy.com/

Ayia Napa nightlife… for families

Families are welcome in Ayia Napa and there are plenty of bars and restaurants that cater for them and welcome them as part of the Ayia Napa nightlife scene. Okay, so we’re not talking about the big clubs that party on until the sun comes up, but as the hard-core nightlife doesn’t really get going until 10/11pm there is a nice lull during which families can enjoy the town. The fact that the clubbing scene is localised to the strip and the square also makes it relatively easy for families to avoid the late-night mayhem.

Most family orientated hotels are outside of the town centre so you can venture in to enjoy your evening without really encountering Ayia Napa’s wild side. The Bedrock Café, Senior Frogs and the Napa Star Inn are all family friendly outside the heart of Ayia Napa.

Where to stay?
Make the most of Ayia Napa’s amazing nightlife in these hotels….

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