An Essential Guide To Keeping Safe In The Winter Sun

An Essential Guide To Keeping Safe In The Winter Sun

You don’t normally associate the winter with a need for suntan lotion or baseball caps. The supermarkets have hidden their bottles on far flung shelves, and the sunhats have been replaced in shops by mittens and bobble hats.

With the rain pouring and the temperature dropping, the sun can often be an afterthought when it comes to going away for a winter break, but you should take the same precautions as you would in the summer, whether you’re on a relaxing holiday in Tenerife, or an active adventure out on the slopes of Switzerland.

At, we care about the health of our holidaymakers, after all nobody wants to be blistering or feeling dizzy when they’ve got a pool and a whole island of adventure out there waiting to be explored.

So without further ado, here’s our guide to staying safe in the winter sun. First Aid kit at the ready…

Out In The Snow
Whilst many places aren’t really worth skiing until after Christmas, there are a few notable exceptions. The French Alps are particularly accessible, with Val Thorens and Chamonix good for ski in the early stages of the season, and with the sun beaming down, here are the essentials for making sure you don’t burn.

Cover Up
Whilst it may be incredibly sunny, it will also be bitterly cold so you’ll feel the need to wrap up anyway, but accessories such as woolly hats and bandanas will also protect you from the sun.

Additionally, there’s also the wind to think about, and wind burns can often cause problems for skiers. Ski masks will leave very little skin exposed to the elements keeping you nicely protected, particularly if you have a habit of falling over too.

Again, like a ski mask, sunglasses will also have that benefit of protecting part of the face from the elements. However, their importance is largely protecting your eyes from the sun. You’d be surprised by how much they’re needed, but the glare off the snow and then the sun itself can be particularly difficult to deal with.

Glasses with a 99% UV protection and will cover your eyes, eyelids, and the sensitive areas surrounding your eyes are perfect for the job, with wraparound glasses particularly effective. Not only that but you’ll be able to see better too, potentially making you a better skier.


Even on a cloudy day the sun’s reflection on the snow can be quite potent and leave you more than a little red faced. Ensure before you go out every day that you not only apply sun tan lotion but pack it in your bag to reapply every few hours.

It’s important you use a high factor and apply to all exposed skin because a long period on the slopes can leave you seriously burnt, that includes the lips, ears, and scalp if you’re not wearing a hat.

We’ve mentioned already bitter winds and temperatures, so it also makes sense to carry moisturiser around with you as the weather can be particularly brutal on the skin. Keep it hydrated and you’ll have no problems, ensu ring you have a brilliant winter trip that doesn’t end with you trapped indoors suffering from sunstroke.

On The Beach
The most important thing whilst on a beach holiday during the latter months of the year, is to treat your skin as you would if you were going in the middle of August. Winter sun destinations like Tenerife or Cancun are just as warm with the Canary Islands enjoying temperatures in the 20°C’s in November and December, so make sure you take appropriate action.

Doing The Little Things

Of course, when on a beach holiday we expect our holidaymakers to use skincare such as sunscreen every day. Factor 30 or greater should be applied on all exposed areas to ensure protection, and kept topped up as the day wears on.

Caps and sunhats should be worn as often as possible with that extra little bit of shade potentially being the difference between suffering from sunstroke and not. A hat will not only protect your face from the rays, but also sensitive areas such as the scalp and ears which we often forget about.

Elsewhere though it’s the little things that make the difference. When eating there really is no need to sit in the sun, so why not escape it for an hour and sit indoors or under an umbrella?

During the hours between 10am and 3pm it’s best to stay out of the sun as much as possible and it is also an ideal time to top up on the lotion and make sure you’re all set to have a fantastic holiday away from the wind, sleet, and drizzle back home.

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