An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – Even Abroad!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – Even Abroad!


Yes, we know Pina Coladas contain pineapple. We also know that the wine you’ve not stopped drinking from the all-inclusive hotel you’re staying at is heavy in grapes. But we both know that neither count towards one of your five-a-day.

We tend to get a little lost on holiday. Indulge in extra desserts, cocktails, and far too much food. But we can still look after ourselves despite having our flip flops on and a sense of freedom.

You can still stay healthy whilst away, whether that be through keeping fit or eating the right things. Here’s our guide on how to still have fun but not go overboard whilst on holiday.

A Jog Along The Beach


For most of us on holiday the beach is a place for us to get the sand between our toes, relax, and just enjoy basking in the sun. However, it’s also the perfect spot for a morning jog.

If you’re used to lacing up your trainers and getting out every morning, then there’s no reason for you to stop. Don’t swap the run for a fry up in a greasy beachside café. Use the boulevards and beach to have a change of scenery and keep your routine up.

The beach is a great place to run, and will even provide you with more of a challenge with the terrain soft underfoot. You’ll certainly earn those afternoon sangrias that’s for sure.

Sample The Local Fruits


When abroad in the likes of the Canary Islands or the likes of Majorca or Turkey, you’ll often pass by local markets on your travels selling some of the finest local produce. Apples, pears, oranges, watermelons will all be on sale, and are a far cry from the burger and chips you had in that Irish pub you had the night before.

Taking fruit back to your hotel or apartment will not only provide a refreshing morning snack but will keep things a little more balanced, because even the best of us can over-indulge on junk whilst away.

Additionally, seek out restaurants serving up healthy foods, whether that be the beautiful seafood of Spain, or mouth-watering pasta from Italy. There are some fantastic places worth visiting, and more often than not they’ll be much tastier too.

Use All The Facilities


Whilst most of us will have a dip in the pool on holiday, paddle around a little, and then lay back on our loungers, most of us also don’t make the most of what our hotel has to offer. Yes, the all-inclusive bar takes a hit but the gym remains relatively quiet.

But a half an hour work out every few days could make all the difference on holiday, and what’s more you can even do it when the sun has gone in or before it comes up.

Hotels will often go out of their way to promote health and fitness, with pools often centre stage for water aerobics classes and tennis courts the home of lessons and tournaments.

Make Healthy Activities Fun


Outside of the hotel there will also be plenty going on to keep fit and stay healthy whilst at the same time having a lot of fun. Popular destinations like Fuerteventura holidays or Majorca will have lots going on along the coast with the former an ideal spot for participating in water sports.

The sea breeze welcomes tourists in droves to sample the likes of windsurfing, whilst even enjoying a pedalo ride is a good workout. Holiday resorts such as the two mentioned will always have something for all abilities meaning even if you’re a complete novice you can try and tackle a few waves – and that’s certainly healthier than sitting beer in hand watching others crash into the warm, blue sea.


Just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean we need to avoid looking after ourselves. In fact, in most cases it will ensure you have an even better time on holiday. There is usually so much to see and do, even if it means taking a stroll across a city rather than taking a Metro. You’ll certainly feel the benefit when jumping on the scales upon your return!

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