Airport delays? Fun and games!

Delayed? Tired? Restless children under your feet? Just want to get to your hotel, or home, or to anywhere other than the stuffy airport? Airport delays can affect even the most prepared holidaymaker so we’ve put together a list of top tips for keeping your little ones entertained should the dreaded delay strike.

If you’re abroad and it’s a lovely day, buy some treats from the airport shop and go outside for a picnic in the sunshine. Fresh air, being away from grumpy faces inside and the distraction of some nice things to eat will easily pass the time and refresh everyone ready to wait back inside.

sockSock games
Keep a clean sock in your bag with a pen. As the hours drag by that sock will start to look less like a humble sock and much more like a new talking friend. All you need is a silly voice and some drawn on eyes and you’ve got  free entertainment to keep your little ones amused. Actually… why not take a pair! Then you can have one sock-friend and your child can have the other.

A notepad and pen
Hangman, dots, ‘guess what I’m drawing’, ‘draw Dad’… a notepad and some pens are staple airport accessories. The list of things you can do with them is endless, from origami to making a chatterbox game. chatterboxMy favourite game? Fold your paper into 3, draw a head on the top third, fold that over and pass it on. Everyone does this and draws a body and arms in the second part of the paper. Fold this over and pass it on again. Draw legs on the bottom third and then open your paper up to see the weird creature that’s been created!

Play areas
It may seem obvious to use the provided play areas but some airports have them tucked away in a corner that you might not spot. Check with staff to see if there’s one you can use and encourage your children to play to their hearts’ contents, in a bid to dispel some of their agitated and bored energy.

Guess Who
This is a good one for older children. If you’re stranded in an airport we bet there will be lots of other people there too… perfect for playing Guess Who! Keep an eye out for any celebrity lookalikes, whisper who you’ve spotted to your son or daughter and wait for them to spot your find. Obviously we don’t condone being mean or generally just staring at people, but it’s a good time killer nonetheless!

top trumps

Top Trumps
Okay so this idea might seem a little outdated in the era of tablets and portable games consoles but here goes… Top Trumps cards are a fantastic way to pass the time. They’re a simple card game where the aim is to win your opponents cards in a head-to-head battle. I remember playing many a game of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and dragon Top Trumps when I younger and bored at the airport. They have lots of cool and modern themes from Barbie to football clubs to scary insects. They also do travel packs with more than one game in >


Now don’t worry… you’ll be home or on that beach in no time! See those beach chairs.. they’re waiting for you.


beach chairs

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