Adventures by boat: Exploring Marmaris in Turkey

Adventures by boat: Exploring Marmaris in Turkey


While Turkey is renowned for being home to some of the most diverse and fascinating travel destinations in the world, there are some that stand out from others. Take Marmaris, for example, which is a resort town that serves as both a port for trading and a picturesque tourist attraction that sits astride the beautiful Turkish Riviera (occasionally referred to as the Turquoise Coast).

Marmaris is also a beguiling and bewildering location, as while it is famous for some attractions there are others that are equally appealing to international visitors. The location is renowned for being a bustling metropolis with a vibrant nightlife, for example, as open-air clubs and live music venues populate its mountain peaks and picturesque valleys. Despite this, it is the region’s clear waters and coastline that are truly distinctive, offering ample opportunity to dive, sail and explore Marmaris on the open waves.


Taking a Marmaris Adventure Trip: Why it’s better by Boat

This should come as no surprise, especially when you consider the coastal nature of the resort and its picturesque shores. The open waves of Marmaris offer adventure and exploration in equal measure, and are undoubtedly the best way to understand the regions’ cultural heritage and strategic importance to the country. It also offers access to some of Marmaris’ most beguiling locations, providing hours of fun while on your holiday in Turkey.

Your typical Marmaris adventure trip would begin at the region’s main harbour, which in itself is a location with a tremendous history and heritage. Marmaris port was built on the ancient Karian City, which has been occupied throughout different generations by a diversity of civilisations and as such is home to multiple cultural influences. From the port you can see the famous Marmaris Castle, which dates from 1577 and provides an imposing presence that signifies the beginning of your journey.

As you depart and begin to traverse the waters, you will pass through the delightful Ekinick Gulf, which will provide a serene passage to Caretta-Caretta (or Turtle) beach. This small but golden stretch of coastline is surrounded by picturesque blue water, which is ideal for taking a cool dip beneath the baking summer sun. The natural beauty of the delta as you approach is also something to behold, with the ancient rock tombs providing a striking visual feature. There are also mud baths located at this location, so you can relax and rewind after a brisk swimming session.


Exploring the Glory of Oludeniz Bay

Beyond the Ekinick Gulf, the waterways become choppier and you will begin to travel wavy, tempestuous seas. As you cross the waters of Disibilmez and Kurtoglu, however, you will soon see the world-famous and spectacular Oludeniz Bay approaching at speed. This vast, secluded space is also ideal for swimming and snorkelling, as you relax and explore the depths of the deep, blue water. It is from here that you will access the famous Gemiler Island, which is also home to a number of beautiful nature trails and interesting landmarks.

One of these is the picturesque Church of St. Nicholas, which is located at the summit of the island. This remains from the Byzantine period, and it is considered to be the third most important structure (in Anatolia, at least) that has survived from this juncture in history. It was built in 520 AD, and is notable for its incredible wall frescos and subtle religious symbolism. It is also a must-see location for anyone with a passion for architecture, and provides a different type of adventure during your travels.

Experience adventure and Fulfilment on the Marmaris Waves


Beyond this, there a couple of hidden gems to explore along the Marmaris coast. The bay of Turunc Pinari provides yet another golden coast, which frames a shallow waterway that is ideal for swimming. From here you can approach the quaint Fethiye Harbour, which serves as a port into one of Turkey’s most picturesque market towns. You can often explore this at your leisure, as you look to barter for goods, explore an unaltered ancient coastline and experience rustic Turkish culture at is finest. This is the ideal way to end your adventure tour of Marmaris, as you take away a lifetime of memories and experience.

While there are many ways to enjoy a Marmaris holiday experience, taking an adventure trip by boat is arguably the finest and most satisfying. This enables you to see the stunning Marmaris coastline and its numerous features, while also enjoying activities such as diving, snorkelling, and swimming. Combining physical adventure with exploration and traditional sight-seeing, you can gain a fascinating insight into Turkish culture and its unique natural beauty.

This also helps you to understand Marmaris’ strategic location as a port and trade route, which has a crucial impact on the prominent cultural influences in the region.




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