A Well Earned Break!

As I’m shortly off on maternity leave I thought I’d pen my top tips for air travel while pregnant:

  • Treat yourself and check-in your heavy bags and only carry very light hand baggage
  • No matter which airport you fly from you always have to walk a long way when air-side so comfy shoes are a must
  • Ask for (or grab yourself) an aisle seat on the plane so you can nip to the loo without having to wake up the 2 passengers next to you every 10 minutes
  • Arrive at the airport in plenty of time as last minute dashes to the gate tend to be impossible
  • Plan in a pit-stop for a meal at the airport. It gives your feet a rest, and helps avoid the desire for too many munchies from the onboard menu
  • Carry a bottle of water throughout your trip at the airport, on the plane, and at the other end, so you remain hydrated
  • Invest in plenty of handbag snacks- remember you’ll have to buy these in the departure lounge after you’ve gone through customs
  • While waiting for baggage to appear at your destination join the inevitable queue for the ladies as you never know the state of the resort’s roads and potholes can make for a very uncomfortable journey
  • Check your insurance and the airline’s websites for travel restrictions – boring but you may need a medical certificate from your doctor/midwife if later in your pregnancy, and some airlines won’t allow you to travel near your due date
  • Sneer at the people catching a lift on those beeping golf carts as really that’s the best way to travel in an airport (let’s be honest)


Then simply make the most of your well-earned holiday as next time you go there will be an obscene amount of paraphernalia to take with you (and a little person to entertain)!

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