7 best things to do in Tenerife

If you’re wondering where to head on holiday this year that has something for everyone, look no further than Tenerife. From couples and groups of friends to the whole family, Tenerife is a great place to visit and will have something for everyone. Known to the locals as ‘Land of Eternal Spring’, it’s easy to see why this sunshine island is so popular with holidaymakers looking to enjoy a break in the sun. Perhaps you have already booked your holiday to this Spanish island, and are wondering what you can get up to? Known for its rocky and volcanic nature, here at Alpharooms we have put together the top seven things for you to do on your Tenerife holiday.

Mount Teide

mount teide

Mount Teide is the highest mountain in the whole of Spain and its islands, rising 7,500m above the ocean floor. It now resides within its own national park, which is the third oldest national park of Spain and the biggest of all the Canary Islands.

Mount Teide itself is a volcano and is the third highest in the world, with Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea in Hawaii taking first and second place. It was once used as a navigation beacon for sailors in the Atlantic Ocean. Because it stands so tall, they could work out where they were from their spot on the ocean.

You can climb up to the top of the volcano to enjoy breathtaking views of the national park and the whole island. Within the national park you will come across a geological haven of craters and rivers of dried lava across a rocky terrain; it can almost appear desert like, but with the snow capped volcano peering down at you.

In fact, in 2007, UNESCO named Teide National Park as a World Heritage Site for having the most diverse assemblages of a volcanic landscape, with great natural values in the world.

Punta de Teno Peninsula

Punta de Teno Peninsula

Escape the crowds and explore the most westerly point on the island – Punta de Teno Peninsula. Located six miles from Buena Vista, this breathtaking, rugged and rocky landscape is the perfect place to go on an adventure, or hiking over rocky terrain.

Look up and admire the lighthouse that is placed arduously on the cliffs and take in the beautiful blue ocean and cooling sea breeze. Take a picnic and enjoy relaxing on the bay with the sea lapping at your feet, while gazing at the towering mountains of La Gomera, La Palma and Teno.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

snorkelling and scuba diving

A trip to this Canary Island wouldn’t be the same without a day of snorkelling or scuba diving. With crystal clear waters, a wealth of alluring volcanic rock formations and a range of beautiful sea creatures, you truly will be living the diver’s dream.

Tenerife has many diving centres dotted around the island that have different course levels and excursions to suit everyone of all diving abilities. This is something you truly do not want to miss out on. In Los Gigantes you can even swim with turtles and discover shipwrecks and underwater caves, now how magical and memorable does that sound?


Golf Tenerife

A trip to Tenerife wouldn’t be the same without a game of golf on one of its glamourous courses. With the sea beating at the rocks below and the mountain ranges towering over the many courses, the sea breeze carrying your ball, your golfing skills will be put to the test.

Enjoy the sunshine on your back while walking round eighteen holes with a refreshing drink waiting for you at the 19th hole.

There are many golf courses for you to discover, although the following you cannot miss out on:

  • Golf del Sur
  • Golf Las Americas
  • Abama Golf
  • Amarilla Golf and Country Club
  • Buenavista Golf

Dolphin watching & boat trips

dolphin watching tenerife

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, and the chance of a boat cruise around the island to take in the spectacular views. A hit for everyone of all ages, get up close to the dolphins and see their friendly nature. Look back at the island and admire its volcanic structure and history, before heading back for lunch or dinner.

A boat trip to see the Cliffs of Giants is a must too. Board your boat from Los Gigantes to see these impressive cliffs, that are known locally and in legend as the ‘Walls of Hell’. Standing between 500 and 800 metres above the sea, these towers will have you looking up at them in awe.

Parks & attractions

Tenerife theme parks

You cannot miss out on having fun at one of Tenerife’s many exciting water parks, where all the family can have fun and join in.

From water parks to zoos and jungle parks, there are many for you to choose from – or visit all of them for a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else on the island. Siam Park is a Thai themed water park, and was winner of the 2015 Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award for Best Water Park. It is also Europe’s biggest water park, and home to the biggest artificial waves in the whole world.

Las Agulas Jungle Park is a great day out for hanging around with monkeys, gazing at the bird shows and being entertained by the sea lion encounters. Loro Parque Zoo has an aquarium, and an orchid garden for you to enjoy. Why not enjoy one of their many sea life shows too? You can watch dolphins do tricks right in front of your very eyes. Enjoy also the Katandra Treetop Walkway, where you can have close encounters with Australian and Asian birds.


Tenerife Beaches

Of course a trip to the Canary Islands wouldn’t be the same without a trip or two to the beach. However, don’t expect vast amounts of golden sand; being a volcanic island, many of the beaches have black sand. There are a few beaches that have imported golden sand for you to enjoy though if you’re missing them.

Whether you prefer the busier tourist beaches, or quieter, tucked away coves, Tenerife has many beaches for you to discover, relax, play and swim along, creating those fantastic memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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