5 Things You’ll Learn Backpacking Abroad

If you’re planning on taking a year out in-between studying or simply looking for a new adventure, there are some lessons that only travel can teach you. Backpacking is a great way to explore new countries and cultures that you’ve been itching to cross off your bucket list. It can provide you with some of your most wonderful and unforgettable travel memories – for better or for worse. Here are five things that you’ll almost certainly learn while backpacking:

Meeting New People Is Exciting

Meeting new people can be daunting and quite challenging for some people as they attempt to move out of their comfort zone. However, the friends you make while backpacking will become your friends for life, and friendships form much quicker when travelling. After all, when you’re washing your smalls in the shared dormitory sink, and sampling the questionable local alcohol together you certainly can’t remain inhibited for long!


Travel Is Expensive, But It’ll Make You Richer

We hate to be all twee, but travel really is the only thing that costs money that’ll make you richer in the long run. Make sure you save up before you go, because backpacking is expensive and it’s likely that your funds won’t stretch for as long as you hope they will. However for all the life lessons you’ll learn, 5am sunrises you’ll experience and amazing moments you’ll have, it’s well, well worth it. Travelling will help you see the world in a completely different light. We think St. Augustine put it best when he said: “The world is an open book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Material Things Are Insignificant

You will most likely see poverty during your travels. It won’t be pleasant, but when you see people with so little, so content with what they have, it’ll make you more thankful for the life that you’re living. You’ll also discover this lesson on a much smaller scale simply by living out of a bag for the duration of your trip. There won’t be room in your backpack for expensive cosmetics, nice make-up and clean clothes, so when you return home you’ll spend a few weeks being overwhelmed by the number of shoes that you can choose from, or texts from your friends asking what you’re planning to wear out on Friday.


The Big Attractions Won’t Necessarily Wow You The Most

You’ve probably planned your trip with the intention of seeing some of the main tourist sights, but you’ll most likely find that these aren’t necessarily the places that will impress you the most. Sure, attractions like the Taj Mahal are pretty awe-inspiring, people wouldn’t bother visiting them if they weren’t. However, turning down a side road and meeting a cluster of excited children returning from a day at school, watching a Chaiwallah at work, or discovering the best butter chicken you’ve ever tasted at a friendly local restaurant; these may end up being your “wow” moments. It’s likely that these are the experiences that you end up talking about the most when you return back home.

You’ll Want To Go Back

It’s a sad inevitability that when you get home, people won’t be that interested in your travels. They may ask questions at first, even like a few of the Facebook photos that you get around to uploading, but after a few weeks once you mention “that time in Peru” again their eyes will start to roll. This will only make you want to go back even more and you’ll soon be yearning for the easy-going candour of your backpacking mates. It won’t be too long after that, that you’ll be found in the local bookshop with a Lonely Planet in hand planning your next big getaway.


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