5 Eye-Catching Destinations To Make The Most Of Your Money

5 Eye-Catching Destinations To Make The Most Of Your Money


Unless you have somewhere particularly in mind, it’s a fairly difficult job choosing a summer holiday. Do you go for great beaches? Somewhere with a hot climate? Perhaps you want a city with plenty going on? The possibilities are endless.

One way to decide is where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck. Simply being able to sit on a beach for the entire week, probably isn’t worth paying over the odds for, whilst the destinations below certainly are, and you’ll even be able to find a good deal to boot.


Barcelona is a place which quite simply has everything. It has a beach. It has a truly unique city. It has incredible food. It has glorious sunshine, fine art, and of course one of the great modern-day artists Lionel Messi.

Flights to the city are relatively inexpensive – of course dependant on where you are – and with so much on offer, it’s impossible not to get your money’s worth. It’s architectural heritage spans 2000 years, with Gaudi’s 19th century masterpieces perhaps the highlight of the city.

For those wanting a beach holiday, La Barceloneta beach offers a great escape from city life, with its golden sands perfect for sunbathing, and with amazing tapas restaurants and bars lining the shore, you don’t even need to head into the city.

Of course you’d be crazy not to, especially with all the city has to offer. Whether it be art, football, entertainment, dining, dancing, whatever it may be, Barcelona has more than a little to offer.

Sharm El-Sheikh

Located in the very east of Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh has become one of the biggest tourist hotspots in recent years, with the luxury resorts perfect for spending a week forgetting about the world. It’s filled with world-class restaurants and glorious health spas, and it’s not always expensive either.

There are plenty of cheap holidays to Sharm El-Sheikh available to soak up the rays, but we also mustn’t forget what else the city has to offer. Egypt has a long and intriguing history with the likes of Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine’s Monastery to the north of the city taking us back with the former even mentioned in the Bible.

The climate can hit as high as 40°C in the summer months and with warm temperatures most of the year round it’s an incredible worthwhile trip, and you will certainly benefit with very competitive prices for magnificent hotels. It’s affordable luxury at its best.


When you can enjoy a glass of wine for £0.92, you know you’re in a city with good value for money. In Budapest that’s exactly what you get, value for money. Not only can you enjoy fine dining and quality beer and wine for next-to-nothing, there’s also a wealth of things to see and do.

Its architecture is a sight to behold, whilst the baths are a must visit, particularly the Szechenyi Baths which is one of Europe’s largest public baths with a staggering 18 pools. It’s a place to take a load off in between exploring this truly wonderful city.


On the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera, Marmaris is one of the most popular spots in Turkey for tourists. And with good reason too. With its hot Mediterranean climate, the beaches are often full with holidaymakers picking up a tan, whilst heading inland there’s plenty to discover.

For history buffs, Marmaris Castle is a must visit, and is estimated to be around 5,000 years old. It has since been transformed into a wonderful museum giving you an insight into its incredible past. And there’s plenty more too. For families the Aqua Dream Water Park and Dolphin Park along the coast are perfect, allowing almost every child’s dream to come true, swimming with dolphins.

The Algarve

Another place with the almost perfect Mediterranean weather is the Algarve on the south coast of Portugal. Known for its almost unbeatable beaches, in particular Praia da Marinha, which is often considered one of the best beaches on the planet.

The region is awash with things to do, most notably golfing with dozens of top-class courses. Elsewhere, Faro is one of the main cities, where you’ll find a whole host of great places to eat and drink. Hotels are often reasonable in the region and it welcomes tourists from all over the world such is its reputation.


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