20 reasons you NEED to book a Lanzarote holiday!

A Lanzarote holiday has something for everyone; this unique island is packed with things to see and do and it’s like nowhere else on earth.  Here are 20 reasons why Lanzarote should be your next holiday destination…

    1. Sun – year round warmth makes Lanzarote an ideal destination for holidaymakers. The coldest month sees the temperature hitting a pleasant 17* in January – still warm enough to enjoy a trip to the beach!


    1. Surf – Lanzarote’s awesome surf culture means it’s often referred to as the Hawaii of Europe, perfect for those looking for an active adventure. Lanzarote is also a European Sports destination, meaning there’s sure to be tons to explore!


    1. Fun for the whole family – Lanzarote’s vibrant mix of activities means that there will be something for all ages to enjoy – no matter what your budget!


    1. Enjoy a camel ride – head to Timanfaya National Park and hop on board a four-legged friend for a guided tour of this amazing spot.


    1. Experience the culture – Make the most of the Art, Culture and Tourism Centres to bring a cultural twist to your Lanzarote break. Take part in some traditional Canarian dancing or visit Museo Atlántico, the first and only underwater museum in Europe.underwater museum, lanzarote


    1. Enjoy some wine – take a wine tasting tour around the famous vineyards of the La Geria region, where you can enjoy a glass or two of this local tipple!


    1. Experience the carnival – late February to March is Carnival time in Lanzarote, making it the perfect time to visit!


    1. Become one with nature – Lanzarote is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, meaning that there is a proven history between man and nature. Explore some of Lanzarote’s outstanding natural attractions and you will quickly see why.


    1. Feel the romance – with incredible beaches, gorgeous sunsets and memorable experiences around every corner, Lanzarote is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic trip with your special someone!


    1. Head to the beach – as we’ve mentioned, Lanzarote has some incredible beaches for those looking for a special spot to sunbathe or take a dip in the sea. beach in lanzarote


    1. Give your Instagram a boost – everyone wants a beautiful beach shot to make their friends and family at home jealous, and Lanzarote has Insta-worthy backdrops around every corner.


    1. Appreciate some art – Manrique is a famous Lanzarote artist and architect who has developed many projects across the island, many of which you can explore.


    1. Have an adventure – Have an action packed Lanzarote holiday with everything from watersports and scuba diving to volcanic landscapes, Lanzarote is an adventurer’s paradise!


    1. Enjoy the local food – don’t miss out on sampling some amazing Canarian food on your trip, including classics like Papas Arrugadas, potatoes boiled in seawater, with  a healthy portion of Mojo sauce – a traditional condiment made with garlic, herbs and paprika.caves in lanzarote


    1. Underwater caves – Lava flows in Lanzarote have created some spectacular underground and underwater caves that just have to be explored!


    1. Go for a run – Lanzarote has an impressive sporting enthusiasm. Scheduled running events include a wine half marathon and trail runs around the volcano, ideal for all skill levels.


    1. Visit La Graciosa – located off the Northern tip of Lanzarote, La Graciosa is part of the Archipiélago Chinijo, with the waters surround the island being marine and fishing reserves – there are three found in the Canary Islands. With a small live-in population, La Graciosa offers a peaceful escape to island life.Lanzarote landscape
    2. Witness the landscapes – With a volcanic history, Lanzarote has some of the world’s most memorable landscapes.


    1. See the salt fields – Lanzarote has an impressively multi-coloured variety of salt fields to visit, offering a unique experience for holidaymakers.


    1. Enjoy a volcano-powered meal – head into the commonly called ‘Fire Mountains’ in the National Park to find the El Diablo restaurant, which uses the heat from the dormant volcano to grill its food!



Book the perfect Lanzarote holiday today and start planning your adventure to his amazing island!



Lanzarote sunset

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