10 Ultimate Weekends Away

10 Ultimate Weekends Away

Nothing quite beats a weekend away. We’ve toiled all week at work yet still have the chance to jet off on a Friday evening and enjoy two days of adventure, perhaps a little relaxation, and plenty of enjoyment.

There are hundreds of cities across the world perfect for a mini-break offering amazing cultural experiences, cuisine to die for, and excursions that will almost make you want to miss your flight come Sunday evening.

So we’ve packed our rucksacks, scoured multiple tour guides, and decided the 10 ultimate weekend getaways.


The thing with Madrid is you could be quite content with sitting in a square, sangria in hand, a few dishes to see you through the day, and simply while away the hours such is the Spanish way of life. But in Madrid there is just so much to do.

Its artistic pedigree is almost unrivalled, with the Museo del Prado and Centro de Arte Reina Sofia showcasing some of Spain’s finest artists, whilst the beautiful architecture which sits on every street corner is just as impressive as any Picasso masterpiece.

The Algarve

You wouldn’t normally associate lying on a beach and lapping up the sun with a weekend break, but with the Algarve only a short flight for most European countries, it’s a popular destination to take a few days away to relax and forget about the stresses of day-to-day life.

That’s coupled with great deals on holidays to Algarve, and with beaches that stretch for miles it’s the ideal place to relax for a few days. For golf lovers, the region is awash with championship courses, although a walk down to Cape St Vincent is just as breath-taking as the one over 18 holes.



However, walking might not be on the agenda in Amsterdam, with the bicycle being the best way to get around the Dutch capital.

The streets are filled to the brim with the mode of transport, with bells blending in to the natural atmosphere of this fun and vibrant city. Again, art is a big part of Amsterdam culture with the Van Gogh museum being one of its star attractions.

Not one building is alike in the city, and that certainly goes for experiences too.



The Hungarian capital has long been a favourite for tourists wanting a city break thanks to the vast amount of things to do and a nightlife which has become renowned the world over.

Most of that centres around the Jewish Quarter which is not only home to Budapest’s coolest bars, but also hundreds of years’ worth of Jewish heritage. The Dohany Street Synagogue stands proudly in the area, and is the largest synagogue in Europe, surviving 27 separate bombings during WWII.

Of course there’s plenty more on offer too, and if it all gets too much, you can cool yourself down at the Szechenyi Spa Baths, one of the city’s most popular attractions.



Located on the picturesque south coast of the UK, the pebbly beaches of Brighton regularly attract weekend holidaymakers during the summer months.

Its pier is iconic and is the traditional British seaside experience. A walk down the pier, an ice cream, and fish and chips are musts to tick off the checklist, whilst the Royal Pavilion has a colourful history, once home to the extravagant King George.



You may already be vaguely familiar with Dubrovnik seems as it doubles as King’s Landing in hit HBO show Game Of Thrones, but a trip to the Croatian city will fulfil more fantasies than anything George R. R. Martin could muster up.

Located on the Adriatic coast, its warm climate and truly stunning streets will have you wanting to visit again and again. The city’s marble streets will make you feel like you’re part of a fairytale, whilst the shimmering of the sea in the distance creates one of the most perfect locations on the planet.

The city has a long and complex history but it has all shaped the city of today, which is one of the most remarkable and beautiful on the planet.



However, it isn’t just Dubrovnik which has connections with Game of Thrones, with one episode of the show finding inspiration from events at Edinburgh’s infamous castle which dates back to the Iron Age.

The city of Edinburgh is a literary institution, a comedy home, and an architectural triumph, with the likes of Calton Hill, Holyrood Palace, and The Balmoral all stunning buildings. The best time to plan a trip to the city is of course during the summer and the Fringe Festival which welcomes world-class entertainers for 25 days of comedy, cabaret, dance, and music.

New York City


If you’re really wanting to push the boat out and enjoy a truly unforgettable weekend away, then of course look no further than the Big Apple, New York City.

Not one for those wanting to chill out, a trip to the city that never sleeps is non-stop sightseeing, with hundreds of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. A trip up one if its countless skyscrapers is a must, as well as a trip out of town to the likes of Coney Island which offer something completely different to Manhattan and Brooklyn.



Of course, if you’re looking for romance on a break then you’ll find more than a sense of ooh la la in Paris.

The French capital has long been associated with love and not only will you no doubt fall in love with your partner all over again, but it’s likely you’ll fall in love with Paris too. Filled with sumptuous bistros and high-class cuisine, there’s nothing quite like dining out in the city. Oh and of course there’s a certain tower you can climb too.



It’s some feat being one of the prettiest places in Italy, what with Rome, Venice, Florence, and Cinq Terre all dazzling in the country, but Turin can well and truly be added to that list. Set to a backdrop of the Alps, the city has dozens of exquisite piazzas, quaint alleyways, and grand arcades representing the Baroque era.

The National Museum of Cinema is a bustling attraction, in one of Turin’s most fascinating buildings allowing tourists to become not visitors but actors, directors, authors, and explorers.

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