10 destinations you should make plans to visit in 2019

This year brings with it new challenges, new experiences and, of course, new destinations to visit – and we are sharing some of the most exciting locations for your next trip.

Which country is best to visit?

The best country to visit will largely depend on what you want to gain from your holidays. The world is immense and diverse, so the best destination to visit is largely up to you. We have, however, in the interest of helping you make such a colossal decision between the 195 countries in the world, pulled together this top 10 of places most rated by your fellow travellers.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is already hovering around number one for bucket list holidays for many travellers. As our Instagram feeds fill up with the images of its truly stunning scenery, Sri Lanka’s popularity for travelling holidays rises. Climbing Sigiriya might make it on to your itinerary if you like a challenge, or you might like to get up close and personal with the resident elephants. Alternatively, you could take in the beauty drenched bays at Arugam Bay.

2. Indonesia


Indonesia, or Bali more specifically, has been known to attract the partiers and still appears as popular as ever – according to the ABTA 2019 travel trends report. While the beaches and nature here will take your breath away, there’s so much more to be discovered in less travelled areas of the country. The Island of Lombok offers up surf, and the Gili Islands are wrapped in remote beauty. Alternatively, the less discovered Northern island may be where you set your sights. In Raja Ampat, for example, the scuba diving experience is rated top notch.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria currently covers more than one kind of holidaying. Here, you can get sun, sea and sand, ski and even explore the European City of Culture, bestowed upon Plovdiv. The rise in popularity of this country as a travelling destination is not reserved for a certain demographic with so much to offer all ages and stages of life. Ski resorts such as Bansko have grown in popularity due to the reasonably priced facilities and varying levels of slopes available. Beach holidays at Sunny Beach or Nessebar lying along the Black Sea have been thriving for some time now, and cities such as the capital Sofia are rising in popularity for weekend breaks too.

4. Costa Rica

If you choose your bucket list holidays based on adrenaline-fuelled activities available, then Costa Rica has just made your list. Rife with rainforests and natural wonders, conservation is of huge importance to this country and, therefore, to you too. As you embark on white water rafting, surfing and rock climbing, bask in the natural habitat that surrounds you (and take plenty of pictures).

5. Portugal (Madeira)

Houses along the water in Portugal

Pick your travelling type; sensational scenery or jampacked excitement. The views, countrysides, beaches and sunsets really are something to be experienced. While this may be the Madeira that you feel you already know, increasing number visitors are opting for a more active encounter on this Portuguese Island – boasting loads of activities. For bucket list holidays, this combination of outstanding food, wine and scenery with adrenaline opportunities to hand, couldn’t get much more appealing.

6. Maldives

The epitome of white beaches and turquoise waters, the Maldives have long been one of the top bucket list holidays. Take a dive with the turtles in the crystal-clear waters, grab that classic snapshot from one of the plane rides over the islands or partake in some water activities with family or friends. Additionally, a sight not to be missed when travelling is the Bioluminescent Beach, lighting up under the beautiful night sky.

7. Nepal

Trekking is one of the main activities undertaken in Nepal. This country has outstanding and largely untouched natural beauty – perfect if you’re a nature lover. Alternatively, Pokhara offers mountain biking, fishing and swimming if hardcore trekking to base camp isn’t your thing. And, if you want to see the incredible Himalayas but not break too much of a sweat, you could always take a panoramic flight over them.

8. Singapore

Singapore buildings at night

Foodies will be bowled over in Singapore with the options available to them; street food alone is nothing short of impressive. While the city itself has a gorgeous botanical garden to venture into and then up into the illuminating trees, the city’s surrounding gardens are renowned for being unspoilt and lush. Like the foodie scene, art is extremely popular and can be found in many galleries and museums. Plus, the colourful and lively streets will provide you with plenty of entertainment during your trip.

9. Japan

Bustling, vibrant cities juxtapose the ancient and natural beauty which surrounds them; in Japan, you need not decide between the city holidays and rural retreats because you can find it all. Tokyo and Osaka are two big, modern cities with countless activities on offer. Koyoto city boasts ancient and beautiful gardens, castles and temples, more of which can be found at the Hikone castle and Kenrokuen gardens in Kanazawa.

10. Brazil

Aerial view of Christ the Redeemer and Brazil buildings

You can’t visit Brazil without visiting Rio de Janeiro. The city is full of life, sound and is home to the iconic ‘Christ the Redeemer’ which stands tall (at 2,300 feet) over the whole city.  Not only do you have a wonderful taste of city life here, but you also have beaches too. If you’re looking for the very best beaches, Búzios is where you’ll want to head! Or get back to nature and chase the Amazon River basin, immersed in rainforest and tropical wetlands.

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