10 Awesome Things To Do On Your Algarve Holiday

Whether you want to spend your days relaxing, exploring, swimming and making magical memories with all the family, or a mixture of all of them, then an Algarve holiday is perfect for you. With sandy coves and a host of traditional and modern restaurants and bars, what more could you want? If you are planning a trip to Portugal, these are ten places that will make your Algarve holiday truly epic!…


Wild Dolphins

Wild Dolphins - Holiday in Algarve

No holiday to the Algarve is complete without seeing dolphins in the wild! There are various dolphin watching boat trips so you can see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, swimming alongside your boat. You never know, you may even see turtles and porpoises too. Mar Ilimitado at Sagres is the place to be to board, if you go early morning you will see them at their most active.

Benagil Cave

Benagil Cave - Holiday in Algarve

It’s no wonder this impressive cave was voted in the World’s Top 10 Coolest Caves!  If you jump on one of the many boat trips you can explore the whole Benagil area and many other caves, beaches and rock formations while immersing yourself in the stunning coastline round Lagoa.

Walk the Via Algarviana trail

Via Algarviana - Holiday in Algarve

If you like exploring new places on foot then the Via Algarviana is the trail for you. At 186 miles long, it’s not for the faint hearted, but equally don’t worry too much about walking the whole of it – unless you really want to?

It runs from Alcoutim by the border with Spain and flows west across the whole of the Algarve to Cape St VIncent. It is a beautiful route to walk along, with stunning views and pretty villages to visit. Pack up a picnic and plenty of water and stop halfway through your day to enjoy your lunch with a traditional, Portuguese country view.

Off road tours

Off Road Tours - Holiday in Algarve

If you’re of the adventurous kind, off roading will be one of the most exciting adventures to experience in this beautiful region of Portugal. Discover the Portuguese countryside in a quad bike, buggy ride or in a 4×4. Whizz through rivers, and bound over boulders to see the side of the Algarve that not many other tourists see.


Beaches - Holiday in Algarve

You cannot go to the Algarve and not go to one of their glorious beaches. Enjoy the golden sand and crystal blue and green sea lapping at your feet, while you either take in the sun’s rays or splash about in the warm water. There are many beaches to choose from including; Carvoeiro Beach, Praia da Marinha, Praia Da Rocha and Odeceixe beach for a fun filled or relaxing day.

Castelo De Silves

Castelo de Silves - Holiday in Algarve

This castle is said to have resided here since the 12th and 13th centuries. Although it has had some alterations over the centuries, it still holds an importance to the city of Silves, after defending the city from attack for many, many years. Take a step back in time and visit this wonderful and historic castle.

Water sports

Watersports - Holiday in Algarve

Quite possibly one of the best places to do watersports in Europe. Head to the west of the Algarve for the best weather and sea conditions to windsurf. Don’t miss out on riding a jet ski or a banana boat, plus many other watersports for you to enjoy. There are a few companies around that will teach you how to windsurf, and take you to the beaches that are best suited to weather conditions of that day.

Praia da Marinha, Lagos

Praia de Marinha - Holidays In Algarve

Quite possibly the most breathtaking and stunning coastline scenery of the Algarve, the Praia da Marinha is a scenic place you have to visit. It is formed of weathered cliffs that have created natural tunnels, grottos and rock pillars, all thanks to mother nature. With the crystal blue sea as their backdrop, the sand coloured cliffs that are formed into different shapes and sizes create a breathtaking view – and one that is a fab place to take a selfie or two!


Golf - Holidays in Algarve

The Algarve is famous for its many stunning golf courses, designed for golfers of any level to enjoy. With courses adorning the Algarve’s cliffs and coastline you can tee off with fantastic views of the coast and across rocky ravines to.

Enjoy an ice cold beer or cocktail when you reach the nineteenth hole and sit back and enjoy the view and talk over how your game went, prepping yourself for the next one later in the week.


Waterparks - Holiday in Algarve

A hit with everyone in the family, a waterpark is one of the best places to visit with children for an extremely fun day out. There are several waterparks in the Algarve for you to visit, including Slide and Splash where there is tons to do for the whole family.


Seafaris - Holiday in Algarve

Quite possibly the best way to see the stunning and dramatic coastline of the Algarve is, of course, by sea. Visit tunnels and caves that lay along the coastline, including some of the biggest in Europe. You can spend either a full or half day doing so, with the chance to have a break on the beach and swim in the sea followed by a BBQ lunch.


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